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God’s Ways Are Higher

I love the blog post that I read over Women Living Well by Courtney today.  If you want to read her post,  God Doesn’t Answer Prayer She was talking about your prayers not being answered via the book of Judges (her … Continue reading

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Being Colorful Is Good For The Heart

I read a blog post awhile back about wearing bright colors and that you should wear them.  It can brighten up someone’s day or smile. I’ve known people who wear black all the time or most of the time, and … Continue reading

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Amazing Mess

I’ve talked about being amazing on this blog before and how you don’t always feel amazing. Here is the original amazing post. Amazing Julie. Life is messy. And it is your mess.   We have to remember that we aren’t alone. … Continue reading

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Sex and Eyes

When making love with your spouse, you wonder where to look? I have that issue sometimes. I mean I certainly close my eyes if I am getting close to orgasm and want to shift on that feeling entirely. But when … Continue reading

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Heart for Christ Is Women’s Beauty

Our heart for Christ is truly the true beauty of ourselves as women.  All of our confidence, value and worth come from Christ.   He sees us beautiful. Heck, He created  us.   He started with Adam, and he gave him Eve.  So  … Continue reading

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Beliefs in God

I grew up Catholic so obviously,  my belief is in Christ. I knew Christ and loved Christ.  Christ has been part of my life, even in times where I felt like He wasn’t there when he truly was.    My husband … Continue reading

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