Alex and Amanda’s Wedding

Last Saturday August 19, 2017,   my brother Alex married Amanda and it was such a beautiful wedding.    Last fall,  Amanda asked me to be a bridesmaid in their wedding.  Of course I accepted the offer.  I was ecstatic.    In April, we did the stag and doe.    In May, we did the bridal shower for Amanda. Over the Canada Day long weekend starting with my birthday,  we had the bachelorette thing for Amanda.  Then last weekend the wedding.  We did nails and venue set up and rehearsal and dinner and drinks Friday night and then prepping all day Saturday getting ready.    I loved getting to know Amanda’s girlfriends and her sister as well.   They all are so sweet.  Sweet girls!

I was head over heels in love being a bridesmaid.  Amanda was amazing.   The best bride you could ever ask for.  We did a few other small outings together aside from the big events leading up to the wedding.  I have always loved Amanda from the beginning. I knew there was a special spark between her and Alex.   I knew a couple years later that Alex would probably propose and he did by the end of that year.  So for the wedding it was basically a year and half engagement.

The make up and  hair was amazing on Saturday. I loved my look.  Wow.  I felt really beautiful.   I felt elegant in my dress.   I felt so much love for Amanda and she had surprises for us as bridesmaid and I loved it.   It is very touching.  She literally made me cry, happy tears of course.  I was really honored to be walking up the aisle and being just there for them. I loved being partnered up with Johnny who is awesome and works with Alex in the studio.   He was really great walking down the aisle with me and for bridal party  pictures and especially for the grand entrance to the reception part of the wedding day.  Totally a rocking one!  I loved Alex’s speech and he had some very touching words to me that filled my heart so much.    I was ready to party all day and all night lol.  This was totally a call for celebration.  Alex was like you have your party moves going and this was the day before when we were rehearsing lol.  Haha.  Can’t help it.    We had fantastic weather.  Sunny and warm and even into the evening.   The venue was beautiful.  Overlooking Fanshawe Lake and Weston Pavilion was perfect for the reception.   Everything was totally perfect and aligned with their personalities as a couple.  My husband and I even drove them to the hotel at the end of the night. Hehe. Perfect end to it 🙂


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