Sacred Marriage Part V

I’m back with final notes on the book that I had been reading on my kindle which was Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.  Finishing off with Chapter 13 and 14. 

Chapter 13 was about sacred presence.   Christian family defined as product of faith and daily life with the Sprit of God.   Christian Spirituality involves a passionate pursuit of and response to spiritual being which is God himself.  God is always watching, caring and hearing us.   Union of marriage is about a husband and wife who want to invite Jesus into the deeper parts of marriage and to live out and deepen their faith in God. 

Marriage is a duty to communicate with each other which is a discipline of love. It’s about reaching out to each other which mirrors God reaching out to us.  Communication has us entering each other’s world.  We’re to talk in words that blesses God and listen to each other.  Marital virtues include listening, patience, humility, service and faithful love and you do the same towards God as well.  Communication should be about  words that draw forth to God, not to push away God.   Christianity calls us to be the right person.  We all need God’s love and active presence in our lives and in our marriage.  We all are made in the image of God.   In marriage, we learn to become more like Christ in prayer to God. Creating a family is the closest things we can get to sharing an image of God. Family of deep faith requires energy, concentration and self-denial.

Chapter 14 is about sacred mission.   Marriage develops our spiritual calling.   We are to be married and stay married and for that to happen, we have to act like a married spouse (husband/wife).   Being devoted to marriage includes lovable energy, initiative and time into building and nurturing the relationship.   We grow in God by having our focus on serving Him through out the day chores.  The two visions become one life in marriage.   In marriage, we are to moderate and redirect our dreams.  God is creating our world.  Marriage is about love for God and love for others.  This is two aspects of a single total love.  

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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