Sex and Eyes

When making love with your spouse, you wonder where to look? I have that issue sometimes. I mean I certainly close my eyes if I am getting close to orgasm and want to shift on that feeling entirely. But when I am not there yet… I try to make eye contact with my husband. I mean eyes are the telling of your soul and your feelings.   You have that connection. And you can see if your spouse is all “there”. Not just sexually but also emotionally, physically, mentally, and etc. I do also try to embrace and look at my husband’s body. He is a hunk to me. Indeed, truly, madly and deeply! I adore his muscles, his face, his penis and his butt. So not only I look, but I also touch. I also see how he’s moving within me, especially if he is on top. I do like to watch at times when he is pleasuring me orally as well. I try not to look away altogether from my husband during sex because it makes me feel guilty and feel like it shows that I’m not interested in him, which I totally am interested in connecting with him and embracing our special time. I know the eyes thing can be hard especially if you are tired and just done for the day or just waking up for the day.. .whatever. But be sure to always embrace and look at your spouse in the eyes, and look at their bodies and touch them at the same time. Where you are touching, where they are touching and things like that.   Embrace everything while being intimate with them!!! 🙂 Your spouse is fearfully and wonderfully made by God! They are your gift for life. I appreciate my husband and his body, even if he doesn’t always realize that I do. God really wants you to feel and look amazingly to and with your spouse within your marital intimacy!


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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