Animal Adventure Park Trip

On Monday July 17th, 2017,   my husband and I went to Animal Adventure Park in Harpersville, NY where the high profile giraffe family is of April, Ollie and Tajiri.  We had drove down the day before to Binghampton. We stayed the night at a hotel and then went to AAP 25 mins away from the hotel the next morning. I was so excited. I had woken up at 6 am and saw the sunrise and was happy to have sunny skies for the AAP day.  Anyway, we were at AAP from open to close!  I was in heaven.  Cloud nine. I was smiling ALL DAY!  I got to see our giraffe family several times throughout the day and saw other animals in the park.  As soon we were in the park, we went straight to the giraffe deck where April and Tajiri were in the yard.  April knew I had carrots for her and she stretched far to get them LOL.  I even held a carrot in my  mouth and got an April kiss! I loved that.   I also got to feed Tajiri half a carrot and he did amazing with me. His reaction was so cute!   I did see Ollie in the barn that morning and fed him.  I loved also feeding the tortoises.  They hang outside but in the winter (when we were waiting on April to give birth to Tajiri,  these tortoises were up in the loft and she would look at them lol).  We saw Allysa there and got to get a quick photo op there.  She was busy but kind enough to do that with me.  Thank you!  We saw Allysa again on the giraffe deck when she was giving her giraffe talk.  Little later after her talk,  Ollie was brought out after some convincing to get April and Tajiri in.   Ollie was a sweetheart.  I loved feeding him too.  He did fantastic with me.  Even got like sort of a Ollie hug from behind. So sweet.  I fed him twice two separate times out on the giraffe deck and then later on both April and Ollie in the barnI couldn’t feed Tajiri again when he was in the barn as it was his rest time but that’s okay, I’m grateful for the chance on the giraffe deck in the morning.  The webcam had issues coming on (and it never did that night) so I never got to do my wave for the giraffe family friends!   We were the last to leave. I loved being at the park regardless of the sun and then the rain storm later on that day.   I loved that we started that with the giraffe deck and ended it in the giraffe barn ❤ We stayed another night in Binghamton and then drove home the next day.  The 6.5 hour trip is so worth it! I love that I have so many pictures and some videos from the very memorable day!   I hope to be able to go back again sometime in the future with my husband again and possibly maybe with friends.   Here’s some pictures of the day! ❤ 


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