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Being Real

I am being real right now.  I feel just low.  I know that I am worthy and loved by God.  I know that I am not alone.  But this is what I feel.  So much  happens behind the scenes here … Continue reading

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Amazing Mess

I’ve talked about being amazing on this blog before and how you don’t always feel amazing. Here is the original amazing post. Amazing Julie. Life is messy. And it is your mess.   We have to remember that we aren’t alone. … Continue reading

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Marriage with Kids Part IV

This is the final wrap up post for the current book that I’ve been reading which is  For Better or For Kids by Patrick and Ruth Schwenk.   If you want to catch up with previous posts on this book before … Continue reading

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Freedom Through the Lord

We are free through the Lord.  It’s noted in the bible that the Lord is Spirit.   The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus.  The Lord brings freedom to our lives. We can be free from guilt, self-hate, self-rejection, sin, … Continue reading

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Choose to Be Happy

Happiness is a choice.   God wants us to be joyful.  He wants to have all of our worries and sadness given back to him because he can handle that burden for us.  And we have only like x hours in … Continue reading

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Jesus and the Cross

Today is Good Friday.  It’s always remembered that Jesus died on the Cross thousands years ago.  It was dark for three hours from 12 to 3.   This was part of God’s plan.  Many had not believed Jesus and his divine … Continue reading

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