Beliefs in God

I grew up Catholic so obviously,  my belief is in Christ. I knew Christ and loved Christ.  Christ has been part of my life, even in times where I felt like He wasn’t there when he truly was.    My husband knew Christ through Sunday school as a young kid.  I know he didn’t rely on Christ much when he got older, especially in his teens.  I know my husband certainly felt that I was the wife that Christ had lend  him to marry and live the rest of his life with.   I know he certainly has had his up and downs with Christ through our relationship and marriage but I know that his belief is still with Him.  We are always reminded to fix our eyes on Christ and he will change our hearts.   We certainly have established our belief in Him and certainly with our children. We talk about Him and expose them to the church family at our church and going through Sunday school and the sacraments and of course being in a catholic school.   I love this verse from Fierce Marriage and is so true!  This is taken from their new book “One as Two” devotional. I had gotten the first 5 days free through email from them.

“The strength of your marriage depends far more on your beliefs about God than on your feelings for each other”.

Certainly our marriage has changed from me/us to more Christ-like marriage.  We fight for our marriage, and we are fighting from the world.  We are to love each other and love our marriage through Christ.  My husband is from God. He is my gift.  We shape each other to be more like Christ together.



About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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