Looking Back on 2017

Hello!  We’re already into mid-January and I know I haven’t blogged in a while.  2017 was certainly amazing and have a lot of good moments to look back on it for that year 🙂

2017 was where I got into a little more of studio photography. I’ve grown to a collection of a few backdrops!  Now,  I haven’t used it a lot, but I think that’ll continue to be a goal for 2018 🙂  Speaking of photography, I had more shoots last year and October was especially amazing for it, I had like 4 shoots that month! I inquired more new clients so that was awesome too.  I also shot some returning clients as well.  So yeah, 2017 was amazing for me photography wise.  I also got an underwater camera.  Good to use in the pool or the beach. I also have gotten new lenses, 85mm and 35mm.  Last year was also the first year I did not have another photographer photograph our family for our annual family shoots.  I relied on ME!  I’ve also worked on getting my tripod used and the wireless remote button used more as well.

Other 2017 memorable days/events are as follows:

  • Meeting Piper in February
  • my first WWE show in March
  • Paint night with Annie and Caitlyn in April
  • Apple Land in April over Easter weekend with the family
  • Jackson started soccer for the first time and he played from May to July
  • Logan had his 1st communion in May
  • Bachelorette Weekend that happened Canada Day weekend (started with my birthday!)-horseback riding and dinner out and condo fun! Fireworks too!
  • Collingwood week with my family right after.  Movies and swimming and the beach 🙂
  • Visited the Butterfly Conservatory in Kitchener with the boys and my husband.  It was a fun day in July!
  • Finally got to AAP in Harpersville, NY with my husband in July also.  It was amazing to see April The Giraffe, Oliver and Tajiri in person after months of watching them on the webcam via YouTube.  That day was the happiest day I had been all summer!
  • being a bridesmaid for Alex and Amanda’s wedding in August.  That was my 2nd happiest day of the entire summer. It was awesome. SO much fun and I felt so beautiful that day!
  • visiting Safari Niagara over Labor Day weekend with the boys. I needed another giraffe fix and I wanted to take the boys somewhere new.  It was a good day.
  • Jackson started JK in September.  He has had a good transition to being at school all day every day.  He’s done really well so far.
  • I also joined the School Council in September as a Parent rep.  I’ve also volunteered for a couple school trips with my boys already.  Fanshawe with Austin in October and skating trips for Austin as well.  More coming this year.
  • Visit Appleland in October with the family for apple picking fun
  • Joker (Sworik Family dog) passed away just after Thanksgiving.  It was a tough time for everyone.  We miss him dearly.  We gave my parents a 3D crystal glass picture of him for Christmas to remember him by.
  • Sworik Family sleepover at Spring Stone.  So much fun.  It was actually the most relaxed Christmas.  Opened gifts, Pjs,  played cards in the evening. Breakfast in the morning, and etc.
  • New Years Eve was spent at home. So it was a low key.   I also shot photos of the super moon.

So in all, 2017 has been an fantastic year for us all and 2018 has a lot in store for me personally, us as a couple and as a family. Can’t wait to see it all unfold and see what else happens! 😀


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Alex and Amanda’s Wedding

Last Saturday August 19, 2017,   my brother Alex married Amanda and it was such a beautiful wedding.    Last fall,  Amanda asked me to be a bridesmaid in their wedding.  Of course I accepted the offer.  I was ecstatic.    In April, we did the stag and doe.    In May, we did the bridal shower for Amanda. Over the Canada Day long weekend starting with my birthday,  we had the bachelorette thing for Amanda.  Then last weekend the wedding.  We did nails and venue set up and rehearsal and dinner and drinks Friday night and then prepping all day Saturday getting ready.    I loved getting to know Amanda’s girlfriends and her sister as well.   They all are so sweet.  Sweet girls!

I was head over heels in love being a bridesmaid.  Amanda was amazing.   The best bride you could ever ask for.  We did a few other small outings together aside from the big events leading up to the wedding.  I have always loved Amanda from the beginning. I knew there was a special spark between her and Alex.   I knew a couple years later that Alex would probably propose and he did by the end of that year.  So for the wedding it was basically a year and half engagement.

The make up and  hair was amazing on Saturday. I loved my look.  Wow.  I felt really beautiful.   I felt elegant in my dress.   I felt so much love for Amanda and she had surprises for us as bridesmaid and I loved it.   It is very touching.  She literally made me cry, happy tears of course.  I was really honored to be walking up the aisle and being just there for them. I loved being partnered up with Johnny who is awesome and works with Alex in the studio.   He was really great walking down the aisle with me and for bridal party  pictures and especially for the grand entrance to the reception part of the wedding day.  Totally a rocking one!  I loved Alex’s speech and he had some very touching words to me that filled my heart so much.    I was ready to party all day and all night lol.  This was totally a call for celebration.  Alex was like you have your party moves going and this was the day before when we were rehearsing lol.  Haha.  Can’t help it.    We had fantastic weather.  Sunny and warm and even into the evening.   The venue was beautiful.  Overlooking Fanshawe Lake and Weston Pavilion was perfect for the reception.   Everything was totally perfect and aligned with their personalities as a couple.  My husband and I even drove them to the hotel at the end of the night. Hehe. Perfect end to it 🙂


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Being Married and My PIV Feelings

I was reading a post by J over at Hot, Holy, and Humorous yesterday about this.  Click here and then I thought about it. and  I do feel like the PIV (penis in vagina) gives off an amazing vibe.  I’ve been with my husband for 16 years and we’ve been married for 11.  I love that my husband still wants to choose entering me more over porn or oral.   It’s the connection that is amazing.  Having  your husband’s  penis enter your vagina.  This is God’s masterpiece.  How beautiful this is.  And you know what, I still get hyped up now and then about that I need to orgasm but I really don’t need to focus so much on that.  I need to embrace the fact that I like the feeling more of him entering inside me more than just the ability to climax and fall into the stars together.   I found peace with that during last night’s intimacy. That yes, this confirmed what I love more.   That we are celebrating our marriage, our love, our oneness, our connection all in one spiritually, emotionally, mentally and sexually, and our love for Jesus.  Yes, we were sexually active before we were married but I have so much respect and understanding for our sex life now than I did back then. I have so much more respect and love for my husband and for our marriage.  That being intimate with one another is one of the ways we can serve to each other and bless each other during our marriage and life together.   I am in love with my husband and I love my husband and I want to keep celebrating all of him with me with Jesus at the center of it all daily.   I have always seen sex as a positive thing and I continue to strive to keep that as a positive thing for us individually and as a couple.   I’ve been having sex with the same man for the last 16 years and there is nothing wrong with that.   He’s all I need. I don’t need someone else.  I can still crave for my husband.  I have been blessed with so much of Jesus and how He has shared that through my husband.   There is nothing wrong with praising sex and giving all that glory back to God.  There is also nothing wrong with praying for sex within marriage in this crazy world.  That sex should be always full of love and enjoyment as a husband and wife.   I thank God that I’m still here, married to an incredible husband who is absolutely devoted to me and that we have an amazing life together as a couple and have been raising a beautiful family of three precious boys.  I dare to share that I strive to show love and sweetness within our marriage and pray that our boys should have the same when they leave our nest as adults and be blessed with it with a bride of their own.

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Song of Songs

I love this  part of the bible,  Song of Songs.  It celebrates sexual intimacy in marriage.  Sex is awaken in one flesh by God while married.  Sex is a gift from God.  That you should embrace and cherish and be drunk on love with the person  you are married to.   Sex is to be pleasurable, desirable and fulfilling.   Sex is beautiful in its raw form.

I love this verse from the first chapter of Songs of Songs where it is said “How beautiful you are, my darling” and “How handsome you are, my beloved”.   It shows that mutual affection there is for a husband and wife.   That I want my husband to know that I love him, desire and respect him.   I want to be a delight to my husband.  That  me as a wife is lovely, adored and cherished.  (and God sees that in me too). 

I love this verse in Chapter 2  (Song of Songs 2:16), “My beloved is mine, and I am His”.   That we are only for each other. No one else.  

I love this verse in Chapter 3 where “the one my heart loves“.   My husband is totally the one my heart loves.  100%!!!   

Like this one in Chapter 4 where it is said on verse 16:  “Let my beloved come into his garden and taste it choice fruits”.   I love gifting my body to my husband his garden every day that I am married to him.   I long for every chance that we reconnect sexually for all the days in our marriage in this life.    Way back in the day,  I had consider this garden as a forbidden fruit when I was a virgin.  Even though I had given the key to someone else before my husband but my husband has been with me for 16 years now (and married for 11). I even don’t realize anymore that I had been with others before my husband.  Because my husband has been the one who has given me all I need sexually and I love that so much.  Our love is so strong and that’s why we stand where we are today. The groom is to embrace his bride’s beauty all through and I want to do the same to my groom which is my husband.   We need to keep nurturing our relationship together.   I want to be able to bless and make my husband feel special and appreciated.  

I love this verse in Chapter 6 on verse 3 where “I am my beloved’s and my beloved is mine“.  Committed love is so important in marriage,  beyond sexual intimacy.  That we are perfect for each other and are committed in the long run.  That we continue to say I do to each other on a daily basis.   That we continue to serve each other in good times and bad times, in sickness and in health, for richer or poor and happiness and struggle.  Being married is a beautiful gift from God.  I want to remain devoted to my husband for all the days of my life.

I love this verse in Chapter 7 (line 10) where it says “I belong to my beloved, and his desire is for me.” I chose my husband and my husband chose me.  He could have chosen to be with anyone else but no, he wanted me to be his wife.  That I am his “one”.  We delight in each other, desire each other and bring joy to each other.  My heart and desire is set on my husband and my husband only.  I still love and always will love my husband and am in love iwth my husband.   My love for my husband has grown desire for my husband too.   I have always fallen in love with my husband for who he is as a person and that in turn has made him desirably sexy as well.

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Animal Adventure Park Trip

On Monday July 17th, 2017,   my husband and I went to Animal Adventure Park in Harpersville, NY where the high profile giraffe family is of April, Ollie and Tajiri.  We had drove down the day before to Binghampton. We stayed the night at a hotel and then went to AAP 25 mins away from the hotel the next morning. I was so excited. I had woken up at 6 am and saw the sunrise and was happy to have sunny skies for the AAP day.  Anyway, we were at AAP from open to close!  I was in heaven.  Cloud nine. I was smiling ALL DAY!  I got to see our giraffe family several times throughout the day and saw other animals in the park.  As soon we were in the park, we went straight to the giraffe deck where April and Tajiri were in the yard.  April knew I had carrots for her and she stretched far to get them LOL.  I even held a carrot in my  mouth and got an April kiss! I loved that.   I also got to feed Tajiri half a carrot and he did amazing with me. His reaction was so cute!   I did see Ollie in the barn that morning and fed him.  I loved also feeding the tortoises.  They hang outside but in the winter (when we were waiting on April to give birth to Tajiri,  these tortoises were up in the loft and she would look at them lol).  We saw Allysa there and got to get a quick photo op there.  She was busy but kind enough to do that with me.  Thank you!  We saw Allysa again on the giraffe deck when she was giving her giraffe talk.  Little later after her talk,  Ollie was brought out after some convincing to get April and Tajiri in.   Ollie was a sweetheart.  I loved feeding him too.  He did fantastic with me.  Even got like sort of a Ollie hug from behind. So sweet.  I fed him twice two separate times out on the giraffe deck and then later on both April and Ollie in the barnI couldn’t feed Tajiri again when he was in the barn as it was his rest time but that’s okay, I’m grateful for the chance on the giraffe deck in the morning.  The webcam had issues coming on (and it never did that night) so I never got to do my wave for the giraffe family friends!   We were the last to leave. I loved being at the park regardless of the sun and then the rain storm later on that day.   I loved that we started that with the giraffe deck and ended it in the giraffe barn ❤ We stayed another night in Binghamton and then drove home the next day.  The 6.5 hour trip is so worth it! I love that I have so many pictures and some videos from the very memorable day!   I hope to be able to go back again sometime in the future with my husband again and possibly maybe with friends.   Here’s some pictures of the day! ❤ 


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Soccer Mom Again

I’ve been a soccer mom since 2015.   This is the 3rd year that Logan and Austin are playing soccer.  Jackson is starting his first year this year.   Logan and Austin are on the same team this year, U8.   They play Tues and Thurs nights.  I love their coaches.  Very involved and very directive.   Jackson plays Saturday mornings.  He’s doing okay.  It’s the first year so I don’t expect a whole lot out of him but I know that as I’ve learned with my older two, they get better as time goes on.   This is a good thing. This keeps my boys busy two evenings and one morning for a hour.  Totally better than nothing.  I love how my husband is able to attend more games/practices this year as he has booked all of his vacations in the summer.  He just had his first week off last week.  And 3 more in July and 2 more in August.  Jackson ends his soccer season early near the end of July while the older two play for two more weeks or so.  I look forward to seeing how the boys progress this year during the soccer season.    Let’s go Team Silver!!  Jerseys 4, 5, and 11.

Here’s some pictures I took at the start of the season!

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11 Years Married (16 years of love)

My husband and I reached our anniversary this past Saturday May 27th.  We celebrated 11 years married (16 years of love).   If you’ve noticed from past blogs that May 27th has always been our date for everything from dating, to engagement and to wedding.   So the timeline has always been the same.   We dated for 5 years before we tied the knot.

Anyway, we reached a huge milestone last year for our 10 years and we celebrated in a huge way by going on a week long trip to Cancun, Mexico which was absolutely amazing. 

Obviously because we’re parents to three boys and live on basically one income (my husband), we couldn’t splurge on another big week long trip alone out of the country.  We actually decided to just keep our anniversary kind of low key as I had another event to attend to the next day.  So we spent the day with the kids and then we got a babysitter for a couple hours so at least we were alone for dinner.  We went to Milestones (which we have gone several times in the past as well). 

My husband being the romantic guy I know and love surprised me with 2 dozen roses of pink and white (the extra is actually to make up for my upcoming birthday as we’ll be away as a family), a huge stuffed giraffe which I’ve named as April (it does have hearts on it!) and little praying bear.   And honestly the biggest anniversary gift is a new car which we’ll be getting soon as the one that we’ve had since Logan’s arrival back in 2009 is pretty much done now.  8 years. 

I celebrate my husband every day.  I unwrap him and our marriage every day.  I love the fact that he is mine and I am his.  I love that we’re still fighting for our marriage.  That we are still incredibly in love with each other.  I am still amazed by him and I know he is with me too.   We do little things for each other day by day, even ordinary stuff but helps make things easier for the other person.  We want our marriage to be a model for our children, as we would love for them to choose love when the time is right.  I want them to have our marriage.  They know how much mommy and daddy love each other.   I can’t wait to celebrate 100 years more with my husband  🙂  We’re very blessed by the Lord in our marriage and with each other!

Anyway, here’s a pic from our anniversary 🙂



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Pressing Pause VI

Here I am with more thoughts from the current kindle book  I’ve been reading which is Pressing Pause by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk. 

I want to share a verse from the bible that was mentioned in the book:

Godliness with contentment is great gain by 1 Timothy 6:6.

True comparison of yourself to other is usually after a heart of fear or pride.  God does not like comparison.  Pride is a sin.  God tells  us that we are worthy.  We are wonderfully made by Him.   We are to look to Jesus and seek rest knowing that we are His.   Jesus is our husband.

We are to draw out every day chaos to find peace, calm and quiet in order to rest with God and hear what He has to share and to walk in His ways.

God is our security.  He has given us peace in the present and the courage to be fearless to face our future.

It is stressed that we are to share Jesus more than we share ourselves in this life.  Home is where Jesus stands at the center full of meaningful relationships, intentional love, Christ-like guidance and heartfelt joy.

As Christians, we are entitled to pray to have a continued and blessed relationship with the Lord.   Our lives are to be a place where we invite true friendships full of love, acceptance, treasure and full of life.

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Mother’s Day 2017

Mother’s Day weekend was absolutely amazing.   Jackson started soccer on Saturday morning.  Then we took off to Peace Park downtown to take pictures of me and the boys with my camera (my husband being the photographer) and actually the boys did well for the most part.  So I was happy about that.  Then we spent the rest of the day at Spring Stone with my family (my parents, my brothers and SILS). I got to have quite a bit of nephew time with Cesare so that was a bonus 🙂 My family also gave Jackson his birthday present early. Relaxed in the evening with the hubby with some photo editing too 🙂

Sunday morning being the actual MD… I chose to sleep in so we skipped church naturally.  But it was a great sleep.  And I had breakfast and then eventually opened gifts from my husband and the boys.  Beautiful red roses with white lilies. I absolutely love it.  They also gifted me with a 3 heart necklace that has the boys names engraved on it and their birthstones.  So pretty.  Logan made a framed picture of himself with magnets.  So it’s on the fridge and of course a card as well.  Austin did a flower pen in a mini pot of seeds and a card.  So sweet. Then we went off to take more pictures (again with the husband being the photographer) at Waterworks in St. Thomas.  I thought the boys didn’t do that well but we actually ended up with some decent pictures so I was okay with it.   And spent the rest of the afternoon/evening at my in-laws.   They also celebrated Jackson’s birthday early as well.  And relaxed in the evening with the hubby along with photo editing too.

I really do appreciate the life I lead being a mom.  I am so thankful of my boys and my husband that helped create a beautiful family of my own with God doing his magic of course!  I wouldn’t trade being a mom for anything else!  They have made me where I am today as a person full of love in Jesus!

Here are some pictures from the weekend 🙂 Enjoy ❤

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First Communion=Logan

Last Saturday,  Logan who is our oldest son at 8 years old had his first communion at our church at the 5pm mass.  It was beautiful. He did great.  We got to come up with him to witness him taking the Eucharist for the first time.   He looked so handsome in his new suit with a purple shirt. I know white is usually traditional but our priest was little more relaxed and said the kids could wear their Sunday best.  Logan wasn’t the only  one in color. There were a couple other kids.

The priest that did Logan’s 1st communion is also the same one that did mine many moons ago. So that was pretty special I would say!  🙂

We had invited my family including my parents and my brothers and their ladies.  We also included my in-laws and GG.   I also made sure to include Logan’s godparents (who were present at his baptism 8 years ago as well).  So I was thrilled they all came!

We had a party at our place afterwards.  We had cake and food and drinks and Logan opened his biblical gifts.  Logan of course got money which will be saved in his account as well.   My husband was beautiful.  He read the boys the beginning story in the bible that night and Sunday night. and I have continued on from Monday night.  Logan had gotten a Children’s bible so the stories are easier to understand for the boys.

Here’s a picture of our family with Logan and our priest.  Logan’s got quite the pose eh? 🙂





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