Being Colorful Is Good For The Heart

I read a blog post awhile back about wearing bright colors and that you should wear them.  It can brighten up someone’s day or smile.

I’ve known people who wear black all the time or most of the time, and it’s just crazy. I have some black but I don’t wear it often.  If I do, I pair it up with another color so that it’s not so stark.  I do own a couple black tops/pants,  bikini and a black dress though.

I’m more the colorful person. I wear blue a lot because it’s one of my favorite colors and I pair it up with anything.  While I’m casual a lot of the days now being a mom and staying home, I do like to dress up more formally when I can.  Whether it’s a date out with the husband/friends or to important meeting/outing, or to a wedding or doing photography.  I also like purple, pink, yellow and red. I do  have some white tops but again, I don’t wear that too often, mainly because I have boys and it can dirty up fast if I’m not careful wearing it.  I do like grey because like blue, I can pair it up with anything. I actually like grey more than black, because it’s not so stark.  I need to get more green in my wardrobe. I don’t have much of it. Especially the bright green or at least teal. I love my red dressy coat, and I’ve had it for a few years now. It’s awesome especially in the winter.  I’m also trying to be more bold with dresses too. And I’m the one where I like to have new ones every time I go to a wedding or a gala or for our anniversary.  But there a few of these where I’ve worn more than once because I feel beautiful in it. Like my purple halter dress or the red dress.  I love  it when I do vacations with my husband because it’s date day/night every night for a week, so I’m all dolled up for lunch/dinner.  I do love leopard print, so I do have a few things that has that on it.  Shoes,  top, shirt.

I love my husband in colors too and he rocks it well, well especially with the darker bold colors like purple (that looks awesome on him), red, teal, and blue.  Red and black are his favorite colors, but actually he wears blue more than red. And my husband is a stud in his dressy shirts 😉

I do have my boys in colors too.  Logan wears green a lot.   Austin wears blue a lot.   Jackson wears more of a variety colors.  Although you can see  him a lot in red or blue. 

So wear  your colors to work (dressed modestly of course), out with friends, at home, weddings/date nights, etc.  It may get you compliments like it’s so happy, fun, etc.  You can still wear black, but pair it up with another color for the other part of your body (top/bottom) or a scarf or a tie or whatever.  Blacks with some punches of colors is good. Wear colors proudly and smile! 🙂  Wear your heart in those colors… Kindness, love, joy, gentleness, etc.  Jesus lives in you!



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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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