Compromise and Forgiveness

Last week,  we were making decisions to where to go for our 10 year anniversary in May.   We wanted to do the safe route and actually see a  travel agent and maybe save even more money compared to just booking online ourselves.  I compiled a list of favorite resorts/destinations.   I had spent so much time looking through travel booklets and online. My husband offered to go, but only had  an hour before the place was closing for the night.  So he only talked about one destination/resort with that agent and booked it.  I wasn’t too happy because I wanted all of them to be looked over and was happy to get any other recommendations/suggestions as well. It was just a miscommunication.  It happens.    We were fighting and it happened in front of the kids which we try hard a lot not to do that.  Eventually I went away and just cried and prayed to the Lord.  I didn’t like how I was reacting to my husband and I wasn’t respecting him either.  So anyway, eventually my husband apologized and said okay, you go and pick what you want because I want you to be happy. I wanted him to be happy too.  We did have a 24 hour turnaround with no penalty.  We apologized with the kids because it wasn’t good for them to see us fighting but we also wanted them to see that we are forgiving each other and to the Lord.

I went the next morning with my youngest and I spent a good hour and half with the agent looking over everything.  Eventually,  it was settled on a good resort in Cancun, Mexico.  I told my husband and said if that’s what you want, go for it.   It was actually recommended by the travel agent.  It’s a new destination and we’ve never been to Cancun together.  I’ve been to Cozumel when I was a teen on a family cruise though.  My husband later looked up the resort and said this is very nice, and I personally think it’ll be just as good as the resort we went to in Jamaica two years ago.

After I came home and all was good,  we just decided together that we will compromise in the future when it comes to couple travels.   Like we both go together to the agent and look over everything and decide together right then or come home and book one in a day or two (or same thing if one of us just goes… we just get all the info and then book it together another day).   So that we don’t get into this same situation again.  And both are respected and happy from the get-go.

IN all, it’s just good to compromise and forgive and communicate in any situation.  Even this.  I love my husband and he loves me.  We’re very excited to celebrate our anniversary in Mexico this year…10 years! wow!  😀 Just almost 4 months away on the 28th…. 😀  Love it! 😀

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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