Wedding Ring

I am one of these people that have a wedding ring and proudly wears it. I hardly ever take it off.  I only do if I’m swimming/showering or cleaning my ring.  But otherwise, this precious diamond stays on my ring finger.  I’ve been happily married for 10 years this May to my husband (and I was engaged to him for 2 years before the wedding too).  I just got a upgraded wedding ring set for Christmas and I love it.  I still wear it all the time as much I did with the original ring that I was engaged and blessed and married with.

I have wore rings growing up but the wedding ring hold so much more meaning to me than all the others.   This says that I am married. That I am taken.  That my  heart, body and soul belongs to my husband.  That I only have eyes for him.   That Jesus gave me my husband to share my life with.

 When we were first married in 2006,  it took a while for my husband to get used to wearing a ring. Because he honestly never owned a ring and didn’t want to have one until he married me.  So for a while, he never wore his ring to work and would take it off at bedtime. I found that frustrating.  But I voiced my concerns.  That the ring is special and that I want other people to know that he is taken and off limits to other women.   He did eventually start wearing the ring all the time. Now he’s more like me, that he rarely takes it off.  Only for when his finger gets swollen from work or if the ring needs cleaning and swimming.    I love seeing my husband wear his ring. It’s respectful and sexy.  Because he’s mine! 

I notice when other people don’t wear theirs.  And I know some work places don’t allow rings because it interferes with their job. But when it’s outside of work and they still don’t wear it. It makes me think… is there something going on in their marriage?  Is the marriage not pure anymore?  Have they committed something? Or they want to appear desirable with other people when they aren’t feeling that with their spouse. Who knows?

I know plenty of people who are still single and will devotedly wear their ring as much as us when they do tie the knot. 

My marriage is rock solid now.  We know we have each other’s heart. We are happily in love and devoted to each other.  I still wore my ring when I committed infidelity in the past because I still loved my husband even when I didn’t feel like I was being met enough in the marriage.

So if you are married… wear your ring and be proud.  It’s a token of love and commitment and more.   I wear my ring to every where, day in and day out.  No matter what I am doing at home and outside of the house.  Even girls night.  And same thing goes for engaged couples, wear your ring, and be purely devoted to your fiancé!  It shows to the public that marriage is still real.  There are many people today that are divorced or separated than married ones so it’s really sad that it’s rare to see people that stay together longer than a  year married.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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