Digital Bible Is Awesome

With technology ever evolving all the time, it is no surprise that smart phones also have apps available for bibles.  Which it’s great. It’s in digital format.  Just have to be careful of the other distractions that the smartphone brings. So just aim for the bible first, and then you can do whatever else you want to do on there.

I never really dug in the printed bible much growing up other than for religion classes in elementary and high school.  There wasn’t really bible time with the family growing up either. We would hear readings from the Bible mentioned in Church though, when we did go to mass, which was almost regularly.  I did look into the printed bible a little bit last year when I was starting to want to grow deeper with the Lord by reading and understanding more of his Word.   Honestly though for me, it’s hard to read the printed bible. It just seems too much. Just so big, and so many pages.

Then towards the end of last year, someone mentioned a bible app on Facebook, so I looked into it, and seemed to really like it.  And that became one of my new years resolutions this year, to really get into the bible using the app.  So, I’ve really gotten to know quite a few scriptures and stories.  The digital bible I have has many different versions of the Word. I’ve chosen to read under “easy to read” version which makes me understand the Word better, and of course God and Jesus easier.  I learn  how to go about our Christian life especially with  being a wife in my marriage with my husband.  My bible app also has “plans” and that also allows me to go deeper with myself and God and it shares scriptures with these lessons.  The app also has a verse of the day.  So for me, I feel more connected with a digital bible. Because it’s so handy, and I generally make it part of my morning routine along with prayers…usually during my breakfast or at least after my older boys have gone to school for the day.  I feel better knowing that I’ve connected with God a little bit each day knowing more of his Word, and being able to fight through anything that comes in my way on day to day basis.  It’s not always easy though.   It takes work and practice.  You have to be able to find in your heart to motivate to spend a few minutes out of your day using the Bible as one of your ways to connect with the Lord and allowing Him to work in you.  I believe I have changed a bit since January. It’s actually one of the resolutions that I’ve really followed through so far.  I seem to inspire my husband too 🙂  

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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