Blessed With Love

We are fast approaching our 11 years married and 16  years in love anniversary. It’s around the corner on May 27!  We’ve been together since 2001 and married since 2006.   I thank the Lord for my husband, who was my friend in 2000 and then my boyfriend in 2001, and my fiancé in 2004 and my husband circa 2006.   He is my forever.  I’ve always seen a spark of Christ in my husband since  I started dating this man.   His character and his heart has been so sexy.  It’s what made me fall in love with him. And expanded his outer appearance more sexier 🙂  Of course, there are flaws and things he does sometimes that drives me crazy but always, the pros do outweigh the cons.  My husband grows everyday in Christ.  All the little things I see and appreciate in my husband.

Sure, our relationship, friendship and marriage isn’t perfect in anyway.  We’ve had fights since the beginning of big and little things.  But we learn every day to compromise, respect and respond in a respectful and loving manner.

Our love even through the storms, has always been strong and continues to grow stronger every day.  Emotionally, physically, mentally, spiritually and sexually.  I’m amazed.  I was amazed even last year, when we reached our 10 years because there were times honestly I didn’t think we’d make it, that we wouldn’t be together.  But here we are,  still going strong.   We continue to find ways to keep our spark going, to keep our marriage hot, and to keep our happiness in each other well.    So much of the grace and the glory goes to Christ.  But I also find other things that also saved our marriage.   The birth of Jackson and other things.  We continue to work on ourselves and encourage and build each other up.  To keep maintaining the sanity in each other.

We certainly aren’t the same person we were to each other when we first dated or married, but way better and it’s all because of the Lord’s work in us.  We fight for each other and our marriage every day.  We want it to keep it fierce.   We put down the cross for Jesus and live like Jesus for each other. 

I love my husband.  He does so many things for me, more than I probably realize and I’m like wow, I am his queen.  I feel I need to treat him more often of him as a king.  I still have days where I still feel like I fail, but as long I go to Him and ask for help, I still serve my husband.  I remember that t here are the little daily things t hat I can do for him and do the big things too when I can.     There are days where I connect to him emotionally or spiritually than I do mentally or sexually and that’s okay.   As long I communicate to him how I feel and we do it together.   It’s awesome to know that I’m not alone, and he’s there when I need him and God too! 

I’m blessed to be married to this man, and love how our love story has reached where we are together and today.  I unwrap every day that I have with this man.  I look forward to many, many more years of walking in this unity road of love and marriage with my husband.  This is US!

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Pressing Pause IV

The Pressing Pause saga has now resumed with more thoughts from the kindle version of the book by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk.

These ladies feel that it is important for us women and moms to spend time with Jesus before doing anything else  in the morning.   It is our vow to meet with God first.   We are to be seated at His feet.  It’s not always easy but it can be done!

It is stressed that we as a family can make an impact for Christ.  We can shape kids outside of our family too.  We need to make  prayer a matter of prayer.  A priority.   Our mistakes are intended to be great opportunities for us to lean onto Jesus.  Our biggest enemy is Satan.   Satan will always find a way so we need to be strong and always have Christ on us.

Our friendships should always be like pure, honest and true.  In the midst of the chaos that come with motherhood, we are to make sure that we also have fun with our kids, show joy, share lightheartedness fun, and love.  We have to always slow down for that to happen.  And in today’s world, many do not slow down so we need to make that a priority.

Walking by faith is true faith.  It takes work.  It requires taking a risk in stepping out of your comfort zone of what we know and like and action.  Faith in action is trusting God to be our Provider and Protector.  Fear is absolutely not a  part of walking by faith.   We can’t see God, but we have to feel that He is there!

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Tracking Sexual Activity

I did do this, tracking sexual activity on my phone in the past, but it was mainly for when we were in the season of growing our family.   Yes,  tracking sex to baby dance/doing the deed to get pregnant.  Seeing how often we did in regards to ovulating and more.

I haven’t done this for a while though. Although we are seemingly regular, I know we have weeks where we barely do it at all/none at all and other weeks we do it more.  I don’t need the app anymore and I haven’t used it for a long time. Although it  probably would be good to know where we are at now lol, but I don’t need the stress either.  I don’t want to nag or brag at my husband that we need to have sex more. Mainly because my husband has the lower sexual drive than I do and I don’t want  him to feel like he needs to because of me.

I know God absolutely intended sex for marriage and I know he wants us to celebrate through sex as often as we can as he loves for us to be intimately close and connected.  Sex as is as close it can be to feeling like heaven.  I absolutely enjoy sex with my husband and I know my husband does too, when he does get in the mood and wants to both physically and emotionally. 

I know this that if we feel like we are in a sexual rut, we can pray to God to help us reconnect more and get back on the sexual enjoyment life and also we can pray to Him thanking us for our sexual intimacy when it has happened and can’t wait for more.

We have come a long way for the last few years though in exploring our sexual sides and positions and things like that, but we’ve also have been working hard on staying pure and holy and faithful to each other as well.  Our eyes are always for each other and to God.

So with that said,  I don’t think tracking sexual activity is needed much in a marriage except for TTC purposes… or you are seemingly not regular at all sexually with your spouse.

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Share Real Life Love

We live in this fast crazed technology world and we can spend hours being online and not spending much or sharing much needed “real life love” in person.  It’s more important to be loved in person than to be liked online.  So share as much you can with any free time you have to share love in person whether it’s your spouse,  your kids,  your parents, siblings,  friends or other people in the community. 

While I am hearing impaired and I do rely on texting, emails, and Facebook messenger as It’s better for me to understand people than calling/face timing but I do also try when I can to see people in person and share my love with them. On  daily basis, I do interact with my husband and my boys and the mom friends I have at the boys’ school.  I have mom’s group at the church every couple weeks, and I see friends when they are available. 

April’s been a crazy month. I have a few loved ones that are going through stuff, and I’ve been trying to be there in person when I can and texting them when I can, and praying daily for them.  Because I want to be the person that shows that I care and love them and want them to know that they aren’t alone in whatever it is that they are going through at this time.  God wants us to be able to share love, peace and joy and comfort and remain being connected to every loved ones that are in our lives, even the ones at church or other places.  And we can allow Him to keep us in line, when we fall away from it too. We can pray and open our hearts to the Lord as we do this too!   

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April The Giraffe

April the Giraffe is now a worldwide star!  I found out about her through FB from someone else.  She was being streamed live of her pregnancy via YouTube 24/7 since February from her home at Animal Adventure Park (New York).  I got hooked on watching her and her boyfriend, Ollie (Oliver). This was in mid-late February.  While I knew what giraffes were, I didn’t know much about them.  So because of AAP through their Facebook page and the Giraffe cam, I learned so much more  especially giraffes in general and got to know the giraffe family and the AAP team (especially the owner of the park and the giraffes’ handlers).  I have spent days and nights watching April and Ollie via my phone, and the TV.   The whole meaning of the giraffe cam to was to educate on giraffes and how much in trouble they are globally in the wild (especially in Africa).

It was such a special time to watch April labor and deliver her baby boy calf on Holy Saturday (April 15) in the morning and we got to watch how her baby does for the rest of the day.   April was amazing.  She gracefully did so well. She even cleaned her baby as it was coming out and giving so much care and love and especially afterwards.  It’s been amazing to see how Baby G bonds with April and especially with Ollie. 

The giraffe cam got taken down last Friday because the park needed to open soon and they are in crunch time to get ready.   But they just put it back up yesterday and will be only on Tuesdays for the time being for only 4 hours. So that we all as a global crew can check on April, Ollie and baby.   It’s amazing to see how much the baby boy has grown in a matter of days.

I’ve been a huge supporter of AAP and April and family.  I donated twice to their GoFundMe page, subscribed to their text alerts (good until end of May), subscribed to their Facebook page, I’ve bought a shirt and giraffe plush from their online store and I’ve voted in the naming contest and participated in the live chats via YouTube.

I have noticed how much the giraffe family has also helped a lot of people especially to those who are struggling health-wise whether it’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  IT has brought them so much joy and peace and love.  And I can totally see that.

I love AAP so much that I am willing to make a trip down there with my husband in the near future, hopefully this summer/early Fall since they are only 6 hours south driving distance wise from us.  And while it’s mostly for April, Ollie and Baby G but I want to see all the other animals and to meet the park owner and the rest of the AAP team!  🙂  And It’s also inspired me to visit other zoos that are in my province which I also plan to do this year with my husband and my boys 🙂 

God is so good and especially with AAP and the giraffe family!!!  They have given so much love and light in this troubled world<3


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Easter 2017

Easter was blessed!  I have lots to thank the Lord for!    Good Friday was spent with taking the boys to Apple land for an Easter hunt, and family walk and then we had a game night with some good friends.  Saturday was about April the Giraffe having her baby calf (more on another post) and spending the rest of the day at my in-laws.   Sunday was spent in the morning at home with the egg hunt and the rest of the day at Spring Stone with my parents, Alex and Amanda. 

 Easter is about Jesus.  But also Easter brings rebirth, hope, love and faith.  And I received all of that this Easter.   It was joyfully wonderful  to spend it with my husband, my boys, our families and friends!

 Here’s some pictures from Easter Weekend 🙂

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A couple weeks ago,  we started watching Forgiven at my church during mom’s group.   It’s basically about confession and the power of forgiveness. We finished it on Tuesday.  It was only 3 sessions.

Guilt defined in the video is a feeling we get when we do something wrong and it’s basically a wake up call for us to go back to Him.   God wants to offer us healing and forgiveness. This is a step towards reconciliation with Him.   God is the ultimate loving Father. He is love.   The guilt also means that we need to change.  God absolutely doesn’t want anything to stand in the way of our relationship with Him, especially of His love.

Confession and forgiveness is an encounter with mercy.   God sees us as the sum of His love for us and our capability to become the image of Jesus.  God always knows our sins and still loves us so he wants us to repent and go back to Him.  His healing grace has the power to heal broken relationship and heal our wounds.

Confession is certainly a powerful encounter with Jesus.  Jesus is mercy himself.   Jesus wants us to know that we are NOT our sins.  This is to choose life.  This is a new beginning.  God’s mercy means a human need to say that we are sorry and that it is also a human need to hear that we are forgiven.  Confession is also defined as that we are given grace to go and sin no moreWe are defined through God’s love.   Our identity is through baptism which makes us sons and daughters of God.   Jesus is our divine physician.  This helps us gain real grace to heal and grown in our Christian life. 

Sins can be mortal or venial.   It can be committed in thoughts, words, actions and inaction.  They are forgiven to make us free to love.

My personal sins that I have done in the past per the 10 commandments (not all of them) are as indicated as follows.  

I didn’t always put God before me; I didn’t always pray daily; I have used curse words and have heard other people curse in my presence;  I don’t always attend mass on Sundays ;I have had one abortion (at 18, not my choice); I have lost my temper;  I have harmed people emotionally; I have watched pornography and sexual movies; I have had lustful thoughts; have masturbated;  indulged in premarital sex; have gotten drunk;  not always generous in serving the poor; have told lies; been unfaithful to my husband with my actions (in the past);  used my husband (in the past) to satisfy my sexual urges. 

Now, this is all in the past… yes, the curse words still occasionally slip and we still do sometimes skip mass (with good reason) and I rarely get drunk anymore (I did this past weekend during a stag and doe though). So this is as transparent I can be here.  All these sins may sound really crazy as if I’m really bad, but honestly, there are a lot more things that I could have sinned and I have not gone that far.   I have a love and hate relationship with myself, but everything that I’ve done up to this point in my life has put me where I am today as me, and I continue to grow in the woman that God has intended for me to be with Jesus living in me.

So,  I haven’t honestly gone to a confession in a long time as to a real priest at church, (as I don’t remember honestly when it was the last time, but it’s been years, I will tell you that)  but I have prayed to the Lord whenever I do feel really guilty and ask for forgiveness. And to people that need my apology.  Even in marriage, you should say your sorry and ask for forgiveness when something not pleasing (to them, to your marriage and to the Lord) was done, and say to your spouse that  you are forgiven as they won’t move on until they hear that.

So even as Christians (and even non-Christians), we aren’t perfect.  Honestly, we are born as sinners and will be until we go home to the Lord.  Jesus just wants  us to grow in more in Christ as we journey through this life in this physical world.


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