Soccer Mom Again

I’ve been a soccer mom since 2015.   This is the 3rd year that Logan and Austin are playing soccer.  Jackson is starting his first year this year.   Logan and Austin are on the same team this year, U8.   They play Tues and Thurs nights.  I love their coaches.  Very involved and very directive.   Jackson plays Saturday mornings.  He’s doing okay.  It’s the first year so I don’t expect a whole lot out of him but I know that as I’ve learned with my older two, they get better as time goes on.   This is a good thing. This keeps my boys busy two evenings and one morning for a hour.  Totally better than nothing.  I love how my husband is able to attend more games/practices this year as he has booked all of his vacations in the summer.  He just had his first week off last week.  And 3 more in July and 2 more in August.  Jackson ends his soccer season early near the end of July while the older two play for two more weeks or so.  I look forward to seeing how the boys progress this year during the soccer season.    Let’s go Team Silver!!  Jerseys 4, 5, and 11.

Here’s some pictures I took at the start of the season!

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