Pressing Pause VI

Here I am with more thoughts from the current kindle book  I’ve been reading which is Pressing Pause by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk. 

I want to share a verse from the bible that was mentioned in the book:

Godliness with contentment is great gain by 1 Timothy 6:6.

True comparison of yourself to other is usually after a heart of fear or pride.  God does not like comparison.  Pride is a sin.  God tells  us that we are worthy.  We are wonderfully made by Him.   We are to look to Jesus and seek rest knowing that we are His.   Jesus is our husband.

We are to draw out every day chaos to find peace, calm and quiet in order to rest with God and hear what He has to share and to walk in His ways.

God is our security.  He has given us peace in the present and the courage to be fearless to face our future.

It is stressed that we are to share Jesus more than we share ourselves in this life.  Home is where Jesus stands at the center full of meaningful relationships, intentional love, Christ-like guidance and heartfelt joy.

As Christians, we are entitled to pray to have a continued and blessed relationship with the Lord.   Our lives are to be a place where we invite true friendships full of love, acceptance, treasure and full of life.


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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