Presing Pause V

So I return to you with more  timbits from the kindle book that I’ve been reading from which is Pressing Pause written by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk

These ladies share and remind us that God’s most mightiest and powerful act is when He raised Jesus from the dead so that we could have a way to get to Heaven to live with Him forever.

It is stressed that we are to look into our hearts and remove pride from our eyes.  Pride is sin.  We are to walk humbly with one another and extend grace.   We are to keep our eyes on the Lord.  We should give our hearts some spring cleaning too, not just with our house, and that means to remove anything that is sinful like envy, jealousy, hatred, discontentment, impatience, unkindness, or revenge.

God is using the waiting to do something in  us before we can do something for Him. Karen and Ruth remind us that God’s timing is always perfect.  So while it may be hard to wait, it will be worth it. 

Our home is perfect because there is life inside of it that has joy, love, struggles, prayers and good and the bad.   It’s perfect home to serve to the Lord.   We are to live for Him and with Him.   It took me a while to be content with our home.  The original plan was to move within 5  years but here we are still here, almost 9 years later (in August). I love where we are geographically.  I have no need to upgrade.  We have enough room for everybody and we have our beautiful and messy life together as parents and as a couple. I love that we’ve raised our three boys and dealt with the struggles of losing Noah and Savannah and other things.  I love that our home is shared with our marriage.  It’s beautiful with our presence in it.  We have made so many memories.  That I told treasure to.

We have to share and feel church services in everywhere we go on a daily basis to share love at first sight and forgetting at first slight.   Everything we do to be done in love.

We are to abide more deeply with the Lord every day to stay strong and able to give in life.  Our hearts ponder the precious times with our kids where we treasure and store our life memories. I am amazed how amazing my boys are growing up and I smile because It is God that is shaping them as men that they are called to become with our help as parents.   Yesterday, I didn’t document but it was really sweet to see for an example, my son Austin doing the prayers of the rosary after school.  It was like wow.   I didn’t expect that but he did it anyway.  These boys can surprise me.  It’s like God has blessed us because we have been pointing them to the Lord.

More timbits to come from the book soon! xo

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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