First Communion=Logan

Last Saturday,  Logan who is our oldest son at 8 years old had his first communion at our church at the 5pm mass.  It was beautiful. He did great.  We got to come up with him to witness him taking the Eucharist for the first time.   He looked so handsome in his new suit with a purple shirt. I know white is usually traditional but our priest was little more relaxed and said the kids could wear their Sunday best.  Logan wasn’t the only  one in color. There were a couple other kids.

The priest that did Logan’s 1st communion is also the same one that did mine many moons ago. So that was pretty special I would say!  🙂

We had invited my family including my parents and my brothers and their ladies.  We also included my in-laws and GG.   I also made sure to include Logan’s godparents (who were present at his baptism 8 years ago as well).  So I was thrilled they all came!

We had a party at our place afterwards.  We had cake and food and drinks and Logan opened his biblical gifts.  Logan of course got money which will be saved in his account as well.   My husband was beautiful.  He read the boys the beginning story in the bible that night and Sunday night. and I have continued on from Monday night.  Logan had gotten a Children’s bible so the stories are easier to understand for the boys.

Here’s a picture of our family with Logan and our priest.  Logan’s got quite the pose eh? 🙂





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