April The Giraffe

April the Giraffe is now a worldwide star!  I found out about her through FB from someone else.  She was being streamed live of her pregnancy via YouTube 24/7 since February from her home at Animal Adventure Park (New York).  I got hooked on watching her and her boyfriend, Ollie (Oliver). This was in mid-late February.  While I knew what giraffes were, I didn’t know much about them.  So because of AAP through their Facebook page and the Giraffe cam, I learned so much more  especially giraffes in general and got to know the giraffe family and the AAP team (especially the owner of the park and the giraffes’ handlers).  I have spent days and nights watching April and Ollie via my phone, and the TV.   The whole meaning of the giraffe cam to was to educate on giraffes and how much in trouble they are globally in the wild (especially in Africa).

It was such a special time to watch April labor and deliver her baby boy calf on Holy Saturday (April 15) in the morning and we got to watch how her baby does for the rest of the day.   April was amazing.  She gracefully did so well. She even cleaned her baby as it was coming out and giving so much care and love and especially afterwards.  It’s been amazing to see how Baby G bonds with April and especially with Ollie. 

The giraffe cam got taken down last Friday because the park needed to open soon and they are in crunch time to get ready.   But they just put it back up yesterday and will be only on Tuesdays for the time being for only 4 hours. So that we all as a global crew can check on April, Ollie and baby.   It’s amazing to see how much the baby boy has grown in a matter of days.

I’ve been a huge supporter of AAP and April and family.  I donated twice to their GoFundMe page, subscribed to their text alerts (good until end of May), subscribed to their Facebook page, I’ve bought a shirt and giraffe plush from their online store and I’ve voted in the naming contest and participated in the live chats via YouTube.

I have noticed how much the giraffe family has also helped a lot of people especially to those who are struggling health-wise whether it’s physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.  IT has brought them so much joy and peace and love.  And I can totally see that.

I love AAP so much that I am willing to make a trip down there with my husband in the near future, hopefully this summer/early Fall since they are only 6 hours south driving distance wise from us.  And while it’s mostly for April, Ollie and Baby G but I want to see all the other animals and to meet the park owner and the rest of the AAP team!  🙂  And It’s also inspired me to visit other zoos that are in my province which I also plan to do this year with my husband and my boys 🙂 

God is so good and especially with AAP and the giraffe family!!!  They have given so much love and light in this troubled world<3


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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