A couple weeks ago,  we started watching Forgiven at my church during mom’s group.   It’s basically about confession and the power of forgiveness. We finished it on Tuesday.  It was only 3 sessions.

Guilt defined in the video is a feeling we get when we do something wrong and it’s basically a wake up call for us to go back to Him.   God wants to offer us healing and forgiveness. This is a step towards reconciliation with Him.   God is the ultimate loving Father. He is love.   The guilt also means that we need to change.  God absolutely doesn’t want anything to stand in the way of our relationship with Him, especially of His love.

Confession and forgiveness is an encounter with mercy.   God sees us as the sum of His love for us and our capability to become the image of Jesus.  God always knows our sins and still loves us so he wants us to repent and go back to Him.  His healing grace has the power to heal broken relationship and heal our wounds.

Confession is certainly a powerful encounter with Jesus.  Jesus is mercy himself.   Jesus wants us to know that we are NOT our sins.  This is to choose life.  This is a new beginning.  God’s mercy means a human need to say that we are sorry and that it is also a human need to hear that we are forgiven.  Confession is also defined as that we are given grace to go and sin no moreWe are defined through God’s love.   Our identity is through baptism which makes us sons and daughters of God.   Jesus is our divine physician.  This helps us gain real grace to heal and grown in our Christian life. 

Sins can be mortal or venial.   It can be committed in thoughts, words, actions and inaction.  They are forgiven to make us free to love.

My personal sins that I have done in the past per the 10 commandments (not all of them) are as indicated as follows.  

I didn’t always put God before me; I didn’t always pray daily; I have used curse words and have heard other people curse in my presence;  I don’t always attend mass on Sundays ;I have had one abortion (at 18, not my choice); I have lost my temper;  I have harmed people emotionally; I have watched pornography and sexual movies; I have had lustful thoughts; have masturbated;  indulged in premarital sex; have gotten drunk;  not always generous in serving the poor; have told lies; been unfaithful to my husband with my actions (in the past);  used my husband (in the past) to satisfy my sexual urges. 

Now, this is all in the past… yes, the curse words still occasionally slip and we still do sometimes skip mass (with good reason) and I rarely get drunk anymore (I did this past weekend during a stag and doe though). So this is as transparent I can be here.  All these sins may sound really crazy as if I’m really bad, but honestly, there are a lot more things that I could have sinned and I have not gone that far.   I have a love and hate relationship with myself, but everything that I’ve done up to this point in my life has put me where I am today as me, and I continue to grow in the woman that God has intended for me to be with Jesus living in me.

So,  I haven’t honestly gone to a confession in a long time as to a real priest at church, (as I don’t remember honestly when it was the last time, but it’s been years, I will tell you that)  but I have prayed to the Lord whenever I do feel really guilty and ask for forgiveness. And to people that need my apology.  Even in marriage, you should say your sorry and ask for forgiveness when something not pleasing (to them, to your marriage and to the Lord) was done, and say to your spouse that  you are forgiven as they won’t move on until they hear that.

So even as Christians (and even non-Christians), we aren’t perfect.  Honestly, we are born as sinners and will be until we go home to the Lord.  Jesus just wants  us to grow in more in Christ as we journey through this life in this physical world.


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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