Pressing Pause Part II

I read some more of the Pressing Pause book on my kindle the other day.  The book’s authors are  Karen Ehman and Ruth SchwenkI wanted to share more notes from it with you. 

Ruth and Karen tell us that there are four words that we should say to the Lord and that is “Your will be done“.   Your will be done means surrendering our plans to God, choosing His over ours. I don’t say these four words often enough, but I should say that more.   My life on and off has been more like Give me if I.  I don’t always choose His over mine, but we all aren’t perfect and I always try to remember that God’s plans are better than mine and his plans are always perfect and right.  He knows what’s best for us, even if it takes us through trials before we understand and see the success that come through it in the end.

We have to remember that God is coming to us to put on one flesh through incarnation though Jesus.  We are to be making God real to our children, us as parents.  They are to see us following Him through loving & serving others, treasuring Christ and his word, opening our homes to friends and neighbors,  saying God’s will in prayer and sacrificing time, talents and treasure. This is about living out faith that is real.  I am always aiming to model God through my parenting and again, I’m not always perfect but I try.   I try to remember that as for me and my house, we serve the Lord.

For love, I am to say that Julie is patient.  That is through prayer, holding tongue, and walking in spirit.   Julie keeps no records of wrongs. 

Table is to be used, a place to eat, a place to gather,  to talk, dream, discuss God’s word,  laugh and share life.  Jesus always shared  a table with someone.  Table is what will enjoy in heaven which is of communion, friendship and belonging.  This is eternal and sacred space.   This is a slice of  heaven.   I do eat at the table with my boys and my husband, and we also use it to talk about stuff and do homework with the kids on there on a daily basis.    Personally, I grew up  having dinners at home with my parents and my brothers.  And then when we got older as teenagers, it was stressed that we have it once a week and that was Sunday nights.   We even continued that in our early dating years and the first couple years of our marriage before Logan joined.  We still have dinners with my parents and my in-laws whenever the boys have a sleepover with them and with the whole family on holidays and special occasions like birthdays and etc.. So I’ve obviously carried that tradition with my kids and my husband.  We definitely eat more dinners together on the weekends than during the week, but definitely the kids always have dinners together at the kitchen table no matter what.

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