Pressing Pause Part I

I’m reading a new book on my kindle about Pressing Pause by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk.   Here’s some things I learned from the book that I would like to share with you so far from the book.

With God, we will have peace.  God wants us to be instrumental of peace in our homes.  Our unique skills/talents are ways for us to participate in obeying Jesus which are also tools for loving others.  I am absolutely working on adding more peace in me, in my house, and in my family and in my marriage and in my boys.  Because we serve our house to the Lord.

I have talked to myself like I am failing on many occasions in every area of my life at one point or another.  They say that thinking like that you are failing are father of lies.  We aren’t to let Satan rule us.  We are to renew our minds with God’s word because it’s full of life and truth.  We are to allow God to change/transform us into the image of Christ.  We aren’t failures.

We’ve all suffered in motherhood (or felt like that) in many ways like newborn stuff with feeding, and etc.  But Karen and Ruth tell me (and you) that this is not suffering.  These are opportunities to hear from the Lord to “soul-grow”.  We are blessed at what we do because it’s a act of service.  Motherhood is an act of service.   And I  have certainly grew in my soul through motherhood, all good and bad and I know this continues.  Motherhood is a lifetime thing just like marriage is.  You find ways to make things work. You don’t give up.  You allow God to guide you in what’s the next step to take, whatever it is.   You allow God to give you grace, strength, courage, and more.  All my boys went through stages of newborn and beyond differently. Somethings worked for one, and not for the other.  So it’s all trial and error. We’re not perfect.  But we can be better and so our kids can be too 🙂

Whatever we do, we do it for the Lord, not for man kind.  We serve Jesus as we work.  We’re to replace do with get and add in serving the Lord.   Like for an example I am to say that I get to be a mom of my three boys because I am serving the Lord.  I get to make love with my husband because I am married to him and love him so I am serving the Lord at the same time.

Motherhood is a noble and sacred calling.  Our life is hidden in Christ.  We are His daughters. Being a mom doesn’t mean you can’t pursue Christ in other ways too.  So for me, I want to also pursue Christ through photography, blogging, reaching out to other moms, and in my marriage as well.

We pass on faith when faith is alive in us.  Full and free is marriage where you find your fountain in Christ.   Our marriage to our spouses are to be an overflowing spring.  We are God’s handiwork. Solitude is good for our souls.   We are to stretch towards Christ with desire in all that we do.   We as wives are to be respectful, pure, honoring, loving and gentle.  I want to pass on faith to my husband and to my boys. We are to do things as a  mom with the heart to I will in praise and love.   We are to step out with grace and live with greater love.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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