Beloved Part V

We watched this part of the series of Beloved during our mom’s group session back in January at the church.  This one was about marriage being a sacramental bond.

The sacrament of marriage has three characteristics which include being fruitful (creation of new life), being exclusive (only the husband and wife share each other) and being indissoluble (a lifetime commitment). 

In marriage, grace is always a constant gift from God.   He wants us to deepen our love and union for each other like Christ loved his Church.  Grace is given daily.   Especially since we’re all sinners and we have faults and things from our past that we bring into our marriage and need to be able to do this together.

The wedding day brings a supernatural bond which is between husband and wife and God.  It brings the husband and wife together like two people as one.  God becomes the center of the marriage relationship.  This bond is started through the consent of being one another and God’s plan for marriage and ending through consummation which is sexual intimacy.

Marriage is basically a way of learning to love each other, forgive each other and to serve each other.  We can’t do this alone. It is possible through the help of God and Jesus.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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