Physical Touch-Kids

I come from an affectionate family so I naturally grew up an affectionate person thriving on hugs, kisses and cuddles.  Even being the only sister, I still gave hugs and kisses to both my older brother and younger brother. I knew I was loved by my family and God. God had lend me to an affectionate soul mate too whom I would eventually marry and spend the rest of my life with.  We are an affectionate couple.  We hug, kiss and cuddle all the time. We also make sure that we share that love to our kids. We always say I love you,  hold their hand, cuddle with them, give them hugs, tickle them, kiss them, console them when they are hurt, etc..  We want them to know that they are loved by us and by God too.   For an example, my middle Austin cuddled with me on the couch for a bit last night and he’s almost 7.  Even as an adult, my parents still greet me with hugs and kisses. I am always giving my kids hugs and kisses when I take them to school, in the line up waiting for their teachers in the morning too.  So naturally, physical touch plays a role in my parenting for them. Sure they get discipline if they do something wrong, but I’m always trying to make sure that they are being raised as a man of God and being on the right path as well.  Jesus always loved on everybody no matter what they did and who they were.  I’m the same.  I’m loving on my kids as God did.  Love always overcomes everything else.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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