Sacred Marriage Part III

I’m back in resuming the notes on my current reading from my kindle on Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.  I caught up in Chapter 8 and 9. I’m about to share what I liked from those chapters and believe they are important to know. 

In Chapter 8,  Gary says that we proclaim the prophetic grace of marriage when we understand  the sacredness of building a history together which is an eternal priority.  Personally, our marriage has had periods of great joy and celebration.  We have also experienced the heartbreaking betrayal of unfaithfulness and mournful silence because of me.  Those were the darkest times of our marriage. We were more roommates than lovers for a long time.   Perseverance is where in the marriage  that helps us develop the character of God himself as we stick with our spouses through the good times and bad.  Becoming one takes a good decade like 10 years to become deeply and intimately into the marriage.  To enjoy an intimate marriage, you need to have commitment, tenacity and perseverance.  Growing in your marriage together in build up faith and in turn build up marriage itself.  Persistent righteousness is the commitment to continue.  That includes making the right decision even when you don’t want to/don’t have time.  Persistence is all about glory, honor and immorality.  God’s love and Christ perseverance  brings you holiness and successful life in the physical world.  Half the battle for your marriage is about keeping your story alive, refusing to quit and believing that if we keep hanging in there, we are giving God more time and opportunities to work His Grace into ourselves.  I totally believe that is how we are battling now for and towards our marriage.  We want to keep making our marriage work and keep keeping laying down our lives for Christ and for each other 🙂

Chapter 9 talked about marriage and struggles.  Struggles are what makes us stronger, build us up, deepens our faith, and these are resulted when we face struggles head on. Struggles brings deeper joy in the end. It’s also an entry point to the Christian life, our daily reality of our faith.  Good marriage is something you work for.   It’s the relationship of beauty, trust and mutual support.  Gary stresses that you do not run fro the struggles of your marriage. Embrace them, grow in them, and to draw nearer to God because of them. We are to learn to love our marriage as a way God can grow faithfulness and perseverance into our character. Good and difficult marriages give spouse the strength to become the people God created them to be.  I absolutely  agree with this. All of our struggles have bro0ught out the beauty of where our marriage is today.  We are definitely so much stronger and fierce and really amazing right now.  Our love really gets through those tough times.  We’ve grown so much closer to God and living our lives in Christ individually and as a couple.   He really has anchored us where we should be and we continue to be a work in a progress. He really has been our saving grace in our marriage.  All this glory goes back to Him.  We really appreciate our love story because we were so broken, and we’re somewhat cured now.  We’re still being healed to the point where Christ wants us to be for our life together in this physical world and going towards the goal of eternity and heaven.  We love each other as Christ loves us.

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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