Know You Are Loved

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and I shared a status on FB saying that Happy Valentine’s Day to y’all. Know you are loved! 

I wanted my FB friends and family to know that I loved them.  Obviously,  I love my husband as I am happily in love with him and happily married to him.   A lot of people forget even the singles that you are still loved. Because Valentine’s isn’t completely for couples.  It’s for everybody. Celebrate your love with everybody.   We’re all loved by Jesus.  God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are all three in one, and they all are LOVE.   There are many scriptures that are stated in the Bible of God’s love for us and I want to share as follows!

  1. My love never fails
  2. I lavish you with love
  3. I quiet you with my love
  4. You are mine
  5. You are my daughter
  6. You are chosen
  7. I adorn you with love
  8. my love covers your sins
  9. my love shields you

I also shared on FB that even though my kids knew we make this more of a big deal for mommy and daddy, but I still wanted to share my love for my kids even though I do daily in many ways.  I left them little notes that they are awesome, sweet and smart with sweetheart candy. I made pink milk for their cereal (food coloring is so awesome), they had more chocolate and another note in their lunches, gave them money to get an extra slice for pizza day (they usually just get just one, so they were able to have two!), and they had cupcakes after dinner last night. My kids were so happy 🙂

And you don’t always need the holiday to let your spouse know that you love them. You should be loving them the other 364 days a year too.  And love can be shared in many ways.  Even with helping them around the house, the kids, taking your spouse out to dinner, letting your spouse have a bath themselves, or even take the kids out of the house.  Things like that, and surprise them with little random things… and it’s just awesome.  My husband is awesome. I know he always spoils me on valentine’s day but he still shows love all the time with many things.  And I do the same for him too.  Love really goes a long way, even with the smallest things. 

I found one encouraging post where… a husband had written in a journal, every day… something positive/encouraging that they loved about their spouse that day and he had presented it at Christmas.  And I thought that was so sweet.  My husband did do that similarly for our 3 year dating anniversary which also lead to  engagement.  He told me the many qualities he loved about me and the memorable moments he treasured of our relationship. It’s one of my favorite gifts from him. We used to do letters early on in our dating days and we had written to each other many more qualities that we love about each other and our relationship. Sweetest thing.  My husband has done videos for me and music and many more things.  My husband is really romantic, and I love that so much about him. I know he always wants to be more romantic but because work takes up a lot of his days and then when he’s home he spends it sleeping and/or being with me and the boys.  So he doesn’t always have a lot of time to do surprises for me.   

Even in our darkest times of our marriage, I still knew I was loved by my husband and God.  The love is so strong that it’s really been the glue that has kept us together. Our love has overridden a lot of stuff  in our past both individually and as a couple and all because of God.

Anyway, my point is… keep remembering that God is always there for us and loves us no matter what and share that same eternal love for your spouse!! 🙂


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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