Sacred Marriage Part II

I am back with more thoughts from the current book I am reading on my Kindle which is Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas.  I caught up to Chapter 7.

Chapter 5 talked about marriage being about respecting others and that includes your spouse. Which is evidently mentioned in the scriptures of Ephesians 5:33.  Christian marriage being defined as focusing our efforts on giving respect.   You have to understand before you can respect and you have to respect before you can fully love were Gary’s words.  Don’t look at your spouse as men or woman but rather look at them as an image of God. So more like Son of God or Daughter of God.  They are created by Him.  You honor them more this way.   Honor is active and it’s both a spiritual and marital discipline.  Giving respect brings light and life, respects God and it’s obligation you owe to your spouse. Being a Christian gives you a duty to be more like Jesus.  A mutual respect marriage is about being selflessness and that is contagious.

Chapter 6 defined strong Christians as strong prayers.  It is the life breath of true Christianity. It pushes eternity back to our lives.  Men are married to God’s daughtersWomen are married to God’s sons. You view this in more holy and passionate way. You meet your sex needs by making love to your spouse.  Mind to soul more open to prayer.  Your sex drive is a biological reality.   Sex and prayer are complementary to each other and also supportive.  Marriage forces us to become reconcilers and points us away from our spouses and toward God.

Chapter 7 talks about husband and wives truly loving their spouses.  Husbands who truly love their wives grow in Christ like purity.  Wives who truly love their husbands grow in godliness.  We are to embrace the reality of our flaws exposed to our partners and to ourselves.  Humility is to restore and bless your marriage. Grows you into a person more like Jesus.   Marriage is a entryway to sanctification and relationship revealing sinful behavior and attitudes and opportunity to address them before the Lord.  We are to accept it and grow.  Spiritual mirrors are sanctification and holy growth. Mature Christians find fulfillment in living faithfully before God.


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