First Communion Prep

On Tuesday night, I went to the parent meeting for the first communion as our oldest, Logan will be doing this sacrament this  year.  I got to pick the date and it’s the first Saturday of May.  And I’m really excited for him.  Honestly, I really enjoyed this meeting more than the reconciliation one that I went to back in October.    The words our pastor spoke, and one of the guest speakers’  thoughts stuck to my head.

Our pastor still remembers his first communion.  And the biggest thing that stuck out to him was his parents telling him that he was being gifted Jesus. And it is true.  The bread is the body of Jesus and the wine is the blood of Jesus.  And this is certainly a special occasion and important one at that in our Christian life.   So you tell your children that it is Jesus that they are receiving every time they go up at Eucharist time.  And you can prep them also with the prayers, going to mass regularly and the scriptures and etc.  Logan also got a book to also help him prep and will be doing that with him from now until May. I know he will also get educated a little more at school. But we are the main educators for our kids, when it comes to our faith and Jesus.

One of the guest speakers, Dan… I know  him personally.  I went to World  Youth Day in Toronto with him back in 2002. Yeah, I was like 19 and had been dating my husband (then boyfriend at the time, for just little over a year).  Anyway, so he’s married now (has been for 14 years and has 4 kids).  One of them went through this sacrament of first communion last year and I love how he prepped his kid.  He would have his kid look at different parts of the church every time they went to mass.  One time he looked at the four pillars at the alter which represents the four gospels: John, Mark, Luke, Matthew.  And while they still come to our church for mass three weekends out of the four, the other time, they go to a different church.  Dan wanted his kids to have more of a variety of the Christian church faith.  I thought that was really cool.  His youngest will be doing this next year, and my middle will be in this next year too.  Fun! 

I still remember mine.. I don’t remember a whole lot, but I do remember I was in a white dress, and had flowers on my head.  That my godparents were present as well. And of course receiving the bread and wine.  And because I remember my godparents were there, I want my boys god parents to be there.  So as soon I got home, I messaged my best friend who is Logan’s god mother to come and gave her the date and time and etc. She wouldn’t miss it for the world.  My husband texted his best friend too who’s also Logan’s godfather.  The church didn’t ask for godparents to be there, but I want them to be.  This is a special time and because they are godparents, they should be there.

What’s interesting is that when Logan gets his turn to get the communion, we as parents and our family  (parents and siblings) and godparents get to go up too, and be present as he receives it. So that’s really special and beautiful. And we’ll receive it as well after Logan has his.  We’ll have a pew to ourselves. So I’m excited and as a photographer, I’ll be taking pictures before mass and after mass as well 🙂  

We plan to have a party afterwards at our place to celebrate more of Logan with food, cake and drinks.  And I love that it’s in May, so it’s gonna be wonderful. Spring is always about renewal and rebirth 🙂 ❤

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