Sacred Marriage Part I

Sacred Marriage is the newest book that I’m reading on my Kindle right now.  The author of this book is Gary Thomas.   I got up to Chapter 4.

Chapter 1 defines Marriage  as a call to holiness more than happiness.  Marriage is to make us holy than to make us happy.  Beyond marriage is a spiritual growth where we grow in our service, obedience, character, pursuit and the love of God.   Marriage is a setting full of opportunities to foster spiritual growth and service to God.  Sacred means a way of life.

Chapter 2 talks about mature and romantic love.  Mature love means stretched. This is two sinful people pledging to live together with all of their faults for the rest of their lives.  This lasts longer than romantic love. Romantic love shatters.    Every marriage is challenging and you both are to address them head on if you want to survive.  You pursue God further in marriage and this in turn reaches more of your spiritual goals.   Marriage is about a self-less life with your spouse.  This is a way for God to redeem us sexually and also redeem us in other areas of character so this point us to Him.

Chapter 3 talks about cherishing marriage.   Marriage is defined more as a holy place where  human beings discover each other in love.  Like two individuals who have greater empathy for the difficulties in each other’s situation rather than their own.  Marriage is an ongoing commitment between Christ and His Church.   The goal of marriage is to please God and that is alone the first purpose of marriage.  Marriage has to have a ministry of reconciliation where you are putting flesh out, building a relationship that models forgiveness, self-less love and sacrifice. It is our Christian duty to keep marriage alive.   It is the analogy of Christ and his Church.  You put God first. 

Chapter 4 talks about human love and divine love.  Both of them together are one body of water with many tributaries.  We show our love for God in part by loving our spouses. We love our spouses by loving God. Christian love is defined as being chased after, aspired to and practiced.   Loving well pleases God.   Marriage is a true, soul-deep companionship. It is designed to call us out of ourselves as we learn to love the different which is respecting and appreciating them.  God is Spirit, eternal,  holy, perfect and sinless.   Marriage is giving away to another but you also find joy, happiness and ecstasy in another.


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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