Christmas Every Day

I recently jumped back into the book of Songs in the key of Solomon: In the Word… and In the Mood by John and Anita Renfroe.  It’s devotional book for couples.  I started a couple of these with Isaiah last year, and then just got busy and forgot about it.   Because my husband is on night shift this week,  I texted him the questions that are in each chapter/devotional.

These were the questions:

  1. Imagine you’re opening each other like a present. Describe what attributes of the gift you are most excited about.
  2. When you were younger and dreaming of the gift God would bring you in a mate, what did you dream about?
  3. In what way(s), does your spouse surpass your dreams and expectations?

My husband’s answers:

  1. My devotion to God, willingness to help with the boys with homework, housework, etc.
  2. He found himself more attracted to brunettes but never really thought about what he wanted in a wife.  *I am blonde now, but I do have dirty blonde hair/light brown hair as my natural color*
  3. I am more than he could ever ask for in a wife and mother of our kids.

My answers:

  1. My husband being supportive with photographer, being a mom, his devotion to being a dad and helping around the house and his ability to make me smile and or laugh.
  2. I didn’t dream much of what I wanted in a husband  but I knew I wanted “him” to be tall, handsome and romantic.   (and he is all that and much more!)
  3. My husband is more than I could ever ask for in a husband and father. I knew he would be amazing very early on and he has been 🙂


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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