Hoodwinked Part III

Here I am once again with more tidbits to share of the Hoodwinked book that I’ve been reading on my kindle.  Hoodwinked is written by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk.  Hoodwinked has 10 mom myths.  And I’m sharing the last few myths and what they have to say with it. So I’m following up with Chapter 8 to the final chapter which is Chapter 11.

Chapter 8 talks about the 7th myth which is Motherhood is the luck of the draw.  Motherhood is actually our calling to shape our children and that requires intentional action.   We are to shape our children like an artist would shape a picture.  We are to paint a picture of them with God’s help.   Parenting is like painting a masterpiece.  We are to parent our kids with the vision of them in the biblical sense which is loving and following Jesus.  We are to paint with the perspective of God’s Spirit and that God is in control. The gospel is our anchor and it holds us steady in stormy weather and clear skies with grace, love and patience.  We are to paint with love as in not giving up on our kids and shower them with love that is patient, instructive, pursuing and enduring them.  We would parent them the way God parents us.  That they are safe and strong with us in our love.  That their approval isn’t based on their performance.   We seek the joy in serving others and that includes our kids.  The blessing of children from God is to give  us opportunities to love and shape.   We can discipline our children through the bible which is instructional and shaping t heir hearts with God’s truth.   I love God is there in every way and will help us in our parenting and help with our children too. Jesus is our eye of the beholder!

Chapter 9 talks about the 8th myth as everything depends on me.  Not true.   You aren’t your kids’ everything.   We are to look to God for strength and encouragement to parent to His glory.   Jesus offers us living water through faith and we aren’t to live in fear of their future.  We are to talk to God about our kids.   Kids can learn from other people, not just us parents. We aren’t the only teachers for them.   God knows our children best and will provide them what they need.    I feel that is certainly true.  I’ve had several special teachers throughout life, as a kid, as a teen and as adult (and even as a wife and mom myself).  My parents, certain teachers at school, certain friends, cousins, best friend, my husband (and even my own kids) and especially God and Jesus.  And I feel like my boys will feel more of what life is and who they are through many people and serve the Lord as well.  God always want to lighten our load.  He wants to do the heavy lifting. We have to let him.  We have to share and let go our heavy burdens and lay them at the cross.  We don’t always know the best for our kids. God does because he created them, with the help of you and your spouse’ love making 😉  

Chapter 10 is about the 9th myth which is I have to do it all right or my child will turn out wrong.  It takes wisdom, patience  and God’s grace to help shape kids into unique image bearers of God.  We are to parent through God’s desires, not ours.  Our visions for our kids is measured through the Lord, not the world’s standards.   We aren’t to parent through fear and definitely not though comparison.  Comparing us to other parents or our kids to other kids is Satan.  It robs joy, contentment and peace in the house and in our hearts and lives.  We have to remember that kids are fearfully and wonderfully made (and that is the same for us parents ourselves).  Don’t let parenting define our worth–again, we are to look to Jesus. God’s our perfect parent.   Differences in our kids are to be seen as strengths and they all are  part of God’s design like personalities; boys are motivated through competition and girls are more relationship/friendship orientated.  Their uniqueness is who they will become and at t heir pace.  The Christian life is to have one foot over the other and running toward the finish line. This race is marked out for us. W e are to be generalist and specialist=raise our kids to know and love God and don’t take their eyes off Him (and that goes for us too).   We aren’t perfect and neither are our kids.  We are to love who we are and who our kids are.  I love how all my three boys are different and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love how my husband and I parent differently even though we are on the same page of how they should be raised through God.  There’s  no two “Julie” or “Logan”.  Even though there are many Julies and Logan’s in the world, all of them are created in their own way through God.

Chapter 11 is the final myth which my child’s bad choices meaning I am a bad mom.   Certainly kids must answer for their own sins. It is our responsibility to help them try to correct their behavior and change the path they are on and follow through with the uncomfortable punishment.  It’s our parental duty to teach our kids about the Lord and what he requires so they can make decisions according to His ways.  We are to model a growing relationship with Jesus and what he provides in talking about him and praying.  If a small child misbehaves is usually a lack of instruction on our part.  If a teen or young adult makes a wrong choice, we are to guide them back on the right path.  We are to remember anything good and godly in our kids and give all that credit and glory to God.  There was a scripture that was mentioned in the book that I thought is good to know and share which is from John 3:30: He must become greater, I must become less.   Our parenting is basically a relationship with our children and with Christ.  Mistakes is how they grow (and how we grow as parents and spouses). I made mistakes throughout my life and my kids will do the same. As long, we don’t repeat them and refocus our life and eyes on the Lord.  God is always willing to lead us back to Him.  We are always growing and maturing.   My boys will make mistakes and it’s my (and my husband’s job) to parent them through God and keep leading them in God’s path.  We aren’t perfect. We all are imperfect.  Even as a adult, I’m not perfect, but I’m always growing and maturing and will keep going until I am home with Jesus.   Life is full of challenges.  The storms is what help us define and mature us (and our kids too!)

Hoodwinked is a great book and I’m so glad that I read this and  love that I was able to blog and share some things about what they said about being a mom and how to parent them.

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