Hoodwinked Part II

I am back with more notes to share on the Hoodwinked book that I am currently reading.  The authors of this book is by Karen Ehman and Ruth Schwenk. I got up to Chapter 7 yesterday.

Chapter 4 talks about the 3rd myth which is I am “just” a mom.   Motherhood is certainly not a easy mission but it is God’s.  Your identity doesn’t begin with being a mom.  The mom role is not  your core identity.   Our worth and identity is found in Christ.  We are in Christ before motherhood. We are daughters of the Lord.   We serve Him because he sees us.   Being a mom requires connecting your story to God’s story.  Motherhood is the best job in the world and God recognizes us for that.  God made us, so we definitely have to allow Him in our lives, in every area of it and that includes motherhood too.

Chapter 5 talks about the 4th myth which is Motherhood is all consuming and all fulfilling.  Not true.  It’s okay to have feelings of disappointment.  You can go to God about it and you can share with Godly friends who will support you and surround you in prayer.  Just because you don’t love some motherhood tasks, it doesn’t mean you don’t love your child. It is hard work.  It is normal for moms to sometimes want to run away. If another mom says that she loves her role 100% of the time and never feels discouraged, that’s not the truth.   Surround yourself with friends who are honest and will pray for you at the same time, at any moment.   Don’t let your frustrations of motherhood get to you, but allow it to give it to God.  Always keep your hobbies and interests alive.   You can drive your kids to work around the house to help you out.   Your true joy is serving Christ.   I believe what Ruth and Karen said about this is true.  I do have days where I feel discouraged or stressed out and I also like  having me time too. Every child is different (and so is every pregnancy). I always try to remember that God is leading me in this motherhood journey and I am trying to do what honors God in being a mom to each of my boys (and even my angel babies who are already home with Jesus). It is certainly not easy all the time. There are days absolutely where things are fantastic all around and other days where is like everything is all chaos and wrong and you just want to start a new day or escape somewhere. And you certainly can vent and give thanks to God every day regardless of it’s good or bad day and also to your spouse and your closest friends who will support and not judge you and pray for you as well.

Chapter 6 is about the 5th myth which is a good mother can do it all, all at once.   We are strong, capable, clever, competent, resourceful but we also have limitations.  We have to remember to relax, reevaluate schedules, relinquish some things, resolve, rest in God, to renew, to relate to  people, and revisit commitments.  I believe all that what we have to remember is true. Because we only have X hours in a day and  you want to be able to serve the Lord and  your family and yourself 100% but only to a point where  you won’t be overdoing it.  That’s why I don’t  have my kids in a lot of activities or sports.  They have school and then usually they have at least two sports outside of school which is soccer and swimming. And we have playdates occasionally.  We go to places every now and then when they don’t have school.  They also have days where we are just home.  We also make sure we go to church as much we are able to go.  Of course, we see family when time is convenient for everybody.

Chapter 7 is about the 6th myth which is that motherhood is a rat race.   It’s stressed in the book that you have to make time for the moments of your life. Take the time seriously.  Steward time well.  Live on purpose.   Understand our calling leads to greater clarity which is top priorities in life.   You can be calling on calendar which is your schedule of routines which is a lifesaver for you and your family.   We are to protect our time.   We aren’t to be stingy with time because life for Christ is hard.   We are to be careful of living in the future.   Time is sacred.  We are to number our days. Make time count.   Routines are absolutely awesome.  We all get three meals a day and snacks. We certainly do bath, and reading at night time daily and of course teeth-brushing twice a day. The boys go to bed between 7:30 and 8pm.  I do allow for the schedules to be broken a little bit when they go to the grandparents for sleepovers or when t hey are being babysat here at out our place.  I also make priority for my husband when he’s home and for us to connect on date nights as well when time permits for it.  School definitely helps my boys keep them busy during the day. I do playgroups for Jackson at least twice a week as well since he’s not at school yet, not till September.  I definitely make time for myself when I can.  Baths, blogging, nails, massage, photography, hanging with friends when time permits as well.


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