Looking Back on 2016

2017 has arrived!!!  So it’s time to reflect back on 2016.  It was an amazing year overall. I’ve grown so much as a wife, as a mom, as a photographer, and more. All the glory goes to the Lord.  He’s the one that has guided me so much in 2016, along with my husband of course. 

2016 was a year of travels.  We travelled with friends for the first time in January to Jacksonville, Florida for 4 days for another friend’s wedding.  That was pretty fun despite the chilly weather that was unusual for Florida.  Then we travelled again in May for our 10 years married trip to Cancun, Mexico. That trip was the best one of all year (and the best couples trip we’ve taken together). We were there for a week. It was amazing.   We hope to go back to Mexico again in the future.  We went up to Barrie for our family vacation in July for a week and that was fun. My parents joined us for that week too!   I went with my first all girl cousins trip to Michigan for 3 days (2 nights) in August.  Definitely memorable. Also we had a day trip to Toronto in August with the kids to Ripley’s Aquarium.  Our family and my in-laws did a zoo trip to Green Aviaries.  They had a good time.  That was so much fun.  I had a girls weekend with my mom, Amanda and Amanda’s mom in Toronto in November for Amanda’s dress shopping. SO much fun.  Train ride there and back 🙂

2016 was also a year of weddings.  3 weddings.  2 of them were family and the other was friends.   We were in two of these weddings.  My cousin Kyle married Julie in February.   My in-laws got married in May.  I was acting both the maid of honor and photographer.  My husband was the best man.  That wedding was also the first time that our three boys had been to, and they did really well.  Austin danced with me. That was a special moment!  Our friends Vic and Amanda were married in September.  My husband was one of the groomsmen and I was the photographer. That was a fun time. 

2016 was also a year of renovations in our house.  We had our upstairs renovated to include insulation and drywall. That included our bedroom, spare/computer room, and the bathroom.  That happened in the Spring. April into May.  We also had our main bathroom renovated in July.  New tub surround,  new tub fixtures, new vanity & mirror and new floor. 

2016 was a year of photography.  8 shoots.  I know that’s not a lot in a year, but I hope that grows more in 2017!!  8 of these shoots had 1 engagement, 2 weddings,  4 families, and 1 maternity.   I’m still grateful for it though.  I’ve mastered more with editing with presets in LR.  I got some new gear.  New camera & lens in the spring,  tripod for my birthday and for Christmas, I got new flash and wireless remote.   I went public a little bit with adding a new photography page on Facebook. Still need to add Instagram page for it, and still need to add email for it, and website, and logo and be official with the city for it and etc.  But I’m getting there. Still trying to come away from going Auto to Manual/Program Mode on the camera.  It’s not easy.   I mastered my first super moon shot in November so that was pretty exciting in manual so that was awesome.  Jackson will be going to school full time this coming  September, so that will give more freedom to do shoots during the day. I can’t wait!

2016 saw Logan pretty much swimming on his own and Logan starting to ride his bike on his own without wheels.  He did his first rock-climbing deal in August for a friend’s birthday. 

2016 saw Austin starting Grade 1 in September.  Austin was just now starting to swim on his own a little bit.  He was doing flips in the pool last week! 

2016 was a year of transitioning Jackson into being potty trained.  Jackson was pretty much pee-trained by the summer.  That didn’t take long.  Jackson finally caught on with #2 in the fall, around thanksgiving… so it’s been awesome really, not needing to clean him up much.  And he came away from pull-ups for good in September (he was only needing them in naps/bedtime) so that was awesome. So i’m really proud of J. He is only 3 1/2.  My older two had delayed themselves until they were 4, pretty much, just in time to start school to be fully potty-trained.   Jackson also had his first dental surgery in December.  That was a hard thing to go through, and he was asleep for it, but still. The healing took a while. He’s fine now.

We didn’t have a lot of out of the box challenges for  us in 2016.   I think the big one was the foam fest in August (which we had tried in 2015 as well).  Unfortunately,  we aren’t doing that for 2017 as the date they have scheduled for is also the same day as my brother’s wedding. But we’ll be back there in 2018 for sure.  We did try a few things in Mexico though.  Jet-skiing, parasailing and couples massage.  And intimate things 😉

So there you go, a final look at 2016 for me and our family in general.  I know 2017 is going to be just as amazing, maybe even better 🙂



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