Super Moon Photography

The Super Moon has since long gone, but it was beautiful to watch earlier this week.  It was big, white, sparkly, full and so close.  What a breathtaking creation of God.  You can’t help but embrace it. It was gorgeous! I knew it wouldn’t be back again for a long while.  So when I heard about it, I thought about taking pictures of it.   So I tried Sunday night with my camera and I just kept getting a big white circle blob.  The camera wasn’t catching it right with what my eyes were seeing.  But I wasn’t going to give up. I figured, I would try again the next night.  I researched online for photography tips to get it right. So I found some.   So when I tried taking pictures of the SM Monday night,  I got a little bit, but it still wasn’t matching enough.  So I tried some different settings and got out my tripod, and finally, I got it.  I was so thrilled.  Finally, it matched enough!   The clarity/sharpness wasn’t super awesome but it was enough where  you could see the moon for what it was!   I thanked the Lord for letting me be patient and not giving up.  I want to hone my photography skills anywhere I can with the camera and with editing.  So I edited the picture in LR with some presets to make it pop and to have the picture more closer of the super moon.  So this is what I ended it up with, and I will likely print this 🙂

This was taken with my Canon T6s and the settings were ISO 200, F11, 1/125 and 135mm 😀 All in manual mode 🙂


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