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Embracing Fall

  Autumn officially started last Thursday Sept 22nd, 2016.   My boys had their first day off from school the next day and I wanted to embrace it and celebrate fall fully with apple picking.  I was able to do that … Continue reading

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Answering Sexual Temptation

In J. Parker’s devotional book on Intimacy Revealed: 52 Devotions to Enhance Sex in Marriage,  she talks about answering sexual temptation.   The biblical answer to that is to flee.  Basically avoid it.  Run away from it.  We are to honor … Continue reading

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Freedom Through the Lord

We are free through the Lord.  It’s noted in the bible that the Lord is Spirit.   The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus.  The Lord brings freedom to our lives. We can be free from guilt, self-hate, self-rejection, sin, … Continue reading

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God’s Plan: Love & Sexuality

Today I was back with my mom’s group this morning.  Our session has resumed again after a long summer break.  Today,  we jumped into the next session with the symbolon teachings which was about God’s Plan for Love and Sexuality.  … Continue reading

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Philippians 4

I’ve been slowly working through this new bible study which was shared and done through Darlene Schacht, a blogger over at Time Warp Wife. I have since finished it.  This study was based on Philippians.   My favorite chapter was the last one … Continue reading

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God has a plan for everybody and even though the bible says, you should multiply, you don’t have to. Children are a blessing. Absolutely.    God knows not everybody needs big families.  Some people are meant to have more and others … Continue reading

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Sexually Curious

Okay, it’s been previously mentioned that I’m the one with a sexual past in terms of having had sex with other people before my husband. While my number is still incredibly low (3 in total which includes my husband),  I’m still … Continue reading

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