Embracing Fall



Autumn officially started last Thursday Sept 22nd, 2016.   My boys had their first day off from school the next day and I wanted to embrace it and celebrate fall fully with apple picking.  I was able to do that with my three boys and my mom. We had a fun morning.  Picked a lot of apples.  They played on the sand hill.  Checked out pumpkins.  Rode on a train and fed a turtle a apple! It was a beautiful sunny day and warm too.  SO I was thankful for warm weather because it helped the boys behave well and last as long as they could.

My boys continued to celebrate fall more with going to a fair with my parents on Saturday and they had a blast. They did some rides, played some games, saw some farm animals and etc.  Logan got to be an assistant for the magician at the fair.

We ended the first fall weekend off with some bike riding yesterday.  We were wanting to help Logan in learning to ride his bike.  We’ve done this off and on this year (and last year).  Logan finally got the confidence (with my help) to ride his bike on his own last night and it was an amazing feeling.  Being able to let the “wings” soar up for Logan.   Being fearless for him and encouraging him that he can do this!   I was ecstatic with joy and my husband got to video it with his phone!   So one down, two to go LOL.  We still have Austin to train without wheels on his bike (and I have somewhat with him, but now we can shift more of that focus to him) and hopefully Jackson will maybe catch on next year. Upgrade from his tricycle to a bike!



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