Freedom Through the Lord

We are free through the Lord.  It’s noted in the bible that the Lord is Spirit.   The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus. 

The Lord brings freedom to our lives. We can be free from guilt, self-hate, self-rejection, sin, selfishness, manipulation and control.  We through the help of Jesus hold no fear of death and what other people think of us.  We don’t need to compare us to others.

This freedom allows us the ability to know, love and serve our Father who is God.  We can use our lives and love to share with others.  We can be free to be bold.  We don’t need to veil our lives or our faces.

We remember that we don’t belong to anyone but the Lord.  He is who made  us from dust, and we will return to Him as well. No one is our master but the only one Father who resides in Heaven.

We can be alive from our brokenness through the Lord. He has the power to change us and teach us to live life in love.  Freedom is love.   Because of the Lord, I can be free in my life. I can be me.  I can leave all my worries/stressors and struggles at the foot of the Lord. I can celebrate love in me and share that warm heart with those who are in my life.  Freedom is the peace, joy and happiness.   I always find that in the sun and the water.  Beach lifestyle is me. But I learn to also be radiant as much I can be in the other seasons of spring, fall and winter as well. I radiant the most from summer though and always from God. You can carry and clothe yourself in being bold and free and the bubbly joy on your face day in and day out, even on the days that can be difficult too….  Life is too short!


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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