God has a plan for everybody and even though the bible says, you should multiply, you don’t have to. Children are a blessing. Absolutely.    God knows not everybody needs big families.  Some people are meant to have more and others less, and that’s okay.  And of course, there are people who are barren and can’t conceive for whatever reason…. and that is sad too, but again, God has plans for everybody and we don’t always understand the reasons for how, why, when, what and where it happens.   Love is love!

For our family, my husband always left the decision up to me for how big we could grow into.  Families always start with husband and wife.  You are still a family, no matter what, children or not.  Remember that.  As I’ve shared on this blog previously, we have 3 kids and two angel babies (and another angel baby).   Because of our history with pregnancy and losses, we chose to end the family growing chapter in 2013 shortly after our youngest was born.  And we chose to go down to the vasectomy route, because it was the best and easiest choice.  And we made that happen, 3 months after J’s birth.   And I refused to also go back on birth control for the rest of my life.  I wanted to just enjoy natural sex without any more pregnancies/babies with my husband.   So my husband got it done on August 30, 2013.   So it’s been three years and knock on wood, we are still good!   I made sure that my husband followed up after the procedure, within a month to make sure all his extra swimmers were gone/dead.  And yes,  we did get the official green light from his V doc.   Zero swimmers.  SO we were thankful to get back to normal and things have been amazing.

But the point of this post was inspired by stories that I’ve heard from other people and through Facebook, that people still have babies after vasectomy  and its mainly because the guys and doctors don’t follow up/get retested to make sure all it’s in the clear.

I don’t care if you are lazy and have had this procedure done, go and make sure that all your sparkles are all blanks, not actual live swimmers.  and really, all it takes is just one to get pregnant again.

Not every wife/girlfriend/partner would be happy that they have to go through another 9 months of “surprise” baking baby.  I mean,  I would if it was in God’s plan that we’re not done and it was meant to be even after we had been in all clear with actual retesting and getting the green light to have sex again. It’s stressed that usually within the first  year of the “V”, it’s the most risky.  The tubes can grow back and there can still be extra swimmers.  You should get tested within the first month, 6 months and probably a year after just to be extra sure, that all is good.  And not all docs do follow up, so it is still your job to retest and call the office for the results.   And that’s my two cents! 🙂

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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