Sexually Curious

Okay, it’s been previously mentioned that I’m the one with a sexual past in terms of having had sex with other people before my husband. While my number is still incredibly low (3 in total which includes my husband),  I’m still happy with my husband. I know in the past, I did wonder, but that’s where you get to a point, okay, we can spice up our own sex life with our spouses with different things like positions, out of the bedroom and etc.  And to do adventurous date nights with him out of the house so that I can rock his world more romantically, physically, emotionally and sexually later.

My husband is the one who was a virgin until he met me and I’m the only one  he’s been with.  It’s natural for him to have that fantasy what would have been like with someone else sexually and he’s confessed to that. So, my husband still tells me that I’m still the only one he wants to be with for the rest of his life. That he’s still incredibly in love and happy with me.  I knew that if he wanted to explore more sexually with other people, he would have ended our relationship early on, way before we even got to engagement/marriage.  And I would have done the same.  We both knew early on as well that we were the “one” for each other. We had dated for 5 years before we married and eventually had our kids.

While I’ve had sex with other people in the past, my husband has been the one to wow me in basically everything sexually.  We did have our teen hormones (we were 17/18 when we started dating)   He is that awesome in bed and I totally thought this guy can’t be a virgin but it was all because of pornography.  He had years and years of watching it and doing masturbation.  

I love my husband.  While our relationship in the beginning was very sexual (a lot of o ur time together back then was a lot of sex and not much of anything else), we still loved each other in many other ways as well.  Honestly, I fell in love with my husband because of who he is and that his personality made him even that much more sexier physically and emotionally.   My husband is a teddy bear.   He’s so sweet, kind, gentle, hardworking, and more.  Amazing kisser and hugger. He does anything to make me happy. My smile rocks his world.  My husband is amazing dad.   My husband allows me to be me.  totally me.   I encourage my husband and  he encourages me.  We balance each other out.   We still work on trying to be passionate and lustful and amazing and respectful to each other on a daily basis.


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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