YAYA Sisterhood Getaway

My four cousins and I had been talking about a mini-getaway in Michigan since pretty much the start of the summer and it was planned for late August.  Well, it finally happened!

I will say that what says in Michigan stays in Michigan but we had a great time being able to really bond and have fun for two whole days and nights.   I feel like we’re all closer together because of this trip.

All of us don’t really have blood sisters in our immediate family so this is the next closest thing to being sisters as being cousins.   The YAYA sisterhood was started with our moms/aunts so we’re technically the next generation of it.  And they get together every year and it’s just came to view that this was our year to do this with this 2nd generation.

So, the plan is to keep doing this every year if possible.  I know that we won’t be doing Michigan every time.  I think it’ll be a new place every time.  We shall see!

And you know what else?  This was the actual first time for me to be on a all girls trip overnight and out of the country (and away from the hubs and the kids).  Yes, pretty sad at to be first timer at this at 33.  (well other than that one weekend with my mom in NY back in 2011).  So this was perfect to check that off with my cousins! 🙂  And I’m thankful for that!  I’m thankful that we were all safe while there and we’re all home safe too after this 🙂


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