Sexual Confidence

Having confidence sexually in your marital bed is indeed sexy.  God wants US to indicate sex with each other as husband and wife.   Being the higher drive wife,  I tend to indicate more than my husband. I also fear sometimes that I would be rejected (because I have been there) but I do want to have the opportunity to be intimate with my husband as one.  There is the desire to be pursued because it shows that I am desired.  Even with my past sexual history and beyond the fact I am a mom.   I am highly sexual. I am open to adventure, beyond the norm of “vanilla” sex.  I like variety of positions and the like.   I like to think that I’m more on the bad girl side but I can be a good girl too.  I like to express myself during sex. I am loud.   Yes, I’m the vocal one especially when I am feeling good pleasure. My husband is always needing to “shh” me but that’s mainly because we have boys and they aren’t always asleep.   I like more chase and encouragement 🙂  I am happy though how our sex life has changed because it has changed for the good, and I still crave more sex with my husband LOL 🙂 I like how my husband has come around a little bit  too, but I know he has his guard on a lot of the time because he doesn’t relax so much when our boys are in the house, asleep or not.   But I still love him and I know that he enjoys my sexual company whenever we have the chance to do, quickie or longer.

Sex is a green light in marriage, and God wants to indicate us as much as we can in this life.   IT is to be appreciated, enjoyed,  faithful, full of love and beautiful.   It can so be hot and holy at the same time!   So make moves on your spouse… tease them and kiss them and don’t always just reserve this private time in the bedroom.  Not just be already stripped naked.   Foreplay is fun too!  Make me laugh and smile and have a freaking amazing time!  Sex is amazing with your best friend whom you are married to and are still crazy in love with!


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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