Peaceful Home

It’s usually a peaceful home in our household when you have three young active boys that are always crazy and full of energy and brotherhood.   And I am the only female in the house because it’s not just our precious children,  I also have 3 male pets whom two are tabby cats and the other is a black standard poodle.   Talk about lots of testosterone !

But I do want to try and serve this house more peacefully. I know it’s easier said than done LOL.  But with the power of God and prayer, I certainly can get there.   I always want to serve me and our house to the Lord. 

I find that I can find more peace and in my life, my house and in me if I let God in daily as in asking for help even if it meant a lot of times in a single day.  To lead me in all areas.  As a mom and as a wife.  I know  I’m not always perfect. I know I will fail and I will succeed too.   I faithfully believe that this can be done.

That I can parent as a mom what God has intended to be for those three handsome sons so they grow into godly men and be the wife that my husband needs me to be in this life.   It’s been said that a lot of the changes that you make in life for the good really starts with you, especially with your heart.

I know this motherhood and marriage has provided me with lots of lessons.  Yes, God and my loves do teach me!  And I know that I have changed.  And I know that will continue to happen.  I don’t want to fall short to the norm of this world to society. I want to soar high to God, because he is truly our Father and that this life doesn’t end here in this world. 


About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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