5K Foam Fest 2016

So my husband and I did this 5K foam fest thing last July (2015) and we liked it because it was something new to do together and that it was just different from our normal fitness activity as well. So I signed us up again in September when we found out when it would be back in our city which was August 2016.  The 2016 date has come and gone.  It was on Saturday!

Some obstacles were new and others were the same as last year.   The course was mostly the same but they did change it a little bit.

Last year, we ran a little more.  This year, we walked more than running.  Mainly because I got hurt a little more.  I felt like I hurt my left ankle like maybe 15  mins into the race and I was like I have to walk it off, and then I decided that maybe once we got to the half way point at the top of the mountain that we could run again.  And we did, but not for long.    The course had also included some paths into the forest and wire obstacles. Well, so one of the areas that was just run/walk path, and I was even walking, but it was a bit steep and I fell on my back so again, I just had to deal with just keep on walking.   And this was past the half way mark when this happened so I was like we’re close to finishing.  Keep going.  So I am still sore in some areas now that it’s been a couple days after the event but it’s not serious enough where like if I wasn’t able to do anything. I am still highly functional to do everything.   Remember, I have a high pain tolerance as well.

I relied on God on the whole foam fest course especially when we had to walk or run (by choice) up the mountain through prayer. I needed the strength and the courage to keep going.   And my husband also said you can do this.   I told myself that I needed to finish this out even though I felt like I had no stamina, basically not so much like a rock star like when I gave birth to my boys.  I work out when I want to/are able to but it is okay.   We were in this together and we finished it within 2 hours time (last year was an hour and half). 

So even though the whole thing was hard and little more frustrating at times, it was still fun. I enjoyed the chance having to do this with my husband by my side the whole time and it was a beautiful day. It was hot, and there were some obstacles that were fun and included some water that helped us finish it out.   I think doing this event also helped with our marriage.   I feel it’s important to keep doing things together fresh and new every now and then.  Keep that love spark going! 🙂    I don’t know though if we’ll do this again though, I feel old sometimes with this stuff.   But we’ll see.   I’m still on the look out for other new fun things to try together. 🙂


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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