Mom Encouragement

Encouragement and fellowship is so important these days.   In this digital age, people interact and build “friendships” through the internet like Facebook or Instagram or blogs or even through text messages.  But off-screen like real life or real time interaction is sufficient too.  Even with my deafness.

I am a stay home mom.  So I don’t’ have a lot of adult interaction or encouragement in real life all the time.  I’m with my kids more than I am with my husband or  my friends.  Now, don’t get me wrong. I wanted this whole stay at home mom deal when I got pregnant with Logan.  I was done working in the business world and wanted to devote my life with the house and the kids.  Eventually when Jackson starts school (in 2017),  I plan to go full time with photography (fingers x’ed) and possibly volunteer at the school as well.

Now, I was basically the first out of my friends to get married and have kids.  So my “20”s were spent a lot with the whole TTC  and pregnancy deal. I didn’t have a lot of girls night out like my single friends did.  It felt like “unfinished business” for a while.  But I eventually settled in the whole marriage and kids package deal.

I still crave for girl time whenever I am able to.  Whether it’s a club/bar or paint night or house party or movie date or something else entirely.   My husband is very supportive in letting me go out with the girls because he knows it doesn’t happen often and that I usually end up being a better wife afterwards.

Now,  when Logan was in my belly, I joined a online mom group through WTE and eventually was moved over to Facebook.  I still stay in touch with some of them.  I’ve only met a couple in IRL.   Some of my IRL friends did eventually get  pregnant so now I do  have some play dates with them, but again, not always on a regular basis.

I have met some new ones in IRL through Logan & Austin’s classes so I do  hang out with them now which is awesome too.

I went to see this movie, “Bad Moms” and it is so funny and so realistic.  I love being a mom but it’s crazy. I have my three boys.  And I don’t work. I am home all t he time.   But I do have a supportive husband. He does help out with the house and the kids when he is home.    The whole point of the movie was that moms do need support outside of the house. Encouragement that they are doing this mommy hood just fine and that everybody does it differently.    I try not to compare myself to other moms.  Because I am my own person.  I will raise and love my boys on the way I want to. I certainly know my own line that the boys can not cross over and that I do choose my marriage more than them because they do eventually leave the house after high school.  And we all need moms night or day out too. That we can laugh, smile and just have fun together for a few hours without the kids.   I can relax with my husband and I love doing that a lot but I like to do that too with the girls when I can too 🙂  Some days, I win, and other days I don’t and that’s okay.  I’m not  perfect, but I do strive to do better in the eyes of God.  Friends can encourage and each other on both in good and hard times!!!   I want to be that encouragement to you and all moms and wives. It’s important to love yourself!

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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