Marriage Stages

I just finished a marriage devotional through my bible app on my phone recently.   That there is five stages of marriage which are as follows:

  1. young love in years 1-2
  2. realistic love in years 3-10
  3. settled love in years 11-25
  4. renewed love in years 26-35
  5. inconceivable love in years 36 and up

It stressed that it is important to cherish every stage our marriage day in and day out. Marriage is truly the miracle of love and the biggest adventure in your life on earth. I do believe that as well.

So for us, we have pretty much been through the two stages of marriage with young love and realistic love.   I believe we are pretty much into the new stage of settled love now (even though we’re still in our 10th year). We do now really cherish each other and our marriage now, way more than we did when we were first married and we did marry young, respectfully at 22 and 23 (we are both 33 right now, hubby will be 34 in Dec).

We crave and cherish for all the joy in our marriage. We want more. We want to keep our friendship and relationship alive. It is our desire to keep that romance spark in firing well long into our silver and gold years. We desire to keep enjoying each other and the blessings that marriage brings for us.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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