You Do Have It Good!

That was the point in our talk last night about different things/different people. And I got to thinking I do have it good too in my marriage and with my sex life.

I know that I have married up with my husband. I can’t imagine life without him. I can’t see myself with any one else. God sent my husband down my way when I was 17 for many reasons and knew that he is my true “one”. I dated him for 5 years before I married him. We’ve been married for 10 years now and together for 15 years now. It’s crazy.

I know we’ve had many ups and down with our relationship, marriage and friendship but it is really solid and amazing now. God continues to keep us together and keep reminding us that we do have it good with each other in all areas of our life together.

I’m still deeply in love with my husband.   He makes me so happy.   Even in times when he drives me crazy but these are just about smaller simple things that you can let go. Because love wins. You learn to respect, compromise and love your spouse unconditionally over the years, and it gets better over time. Especially with Christ at the center of it all. All this glory belongs to Him.

I was reading a blog post somewhere else and a reader had wrote in how that she longs for sex with her late husband. Not particularly the sex itself but really the sexual marital intimacy that she had with him. It was that good because she remembers it and it brings a smile to her face knowing that she had all these good times.

Now our sex life wasn’t always all that grand and fireworks all the time. But i certainly know that it has improved and the quality of it has gotten better too. And I bask in every sexual intimate time that we get to indulge in.   A lot of the times I leave the choice up to my husband because he has the lower drive than I do and I don’t always win when I indicate so I try to be ready when he wants to be sexual with me. So last night was one of the times he chose to be in the moment, and I indulged in it with him.   And I had read that blog post beforehand.

So I do have it good. Really These days now with my marriage with my husband and our sexual intimacy, I really give it all and cherish it and try to make it amazing as much as possible. Just give all of my body and my heart to my husband. Because love wins. Sex is really way more than physical and I’ve known that since I’ve been sexually active in my late teens. Even when I have my “time of the month”, I still try and enjoy it even if I don’t orgasm. It’s the fact that we are physically being one and enjoying each other’s bodies. The touch and the kisses and knowing that we are each other’s “mine” forever.   That the sex is a sweet song that that gets embraced every time 🙂 That it’s a great plus in marriage that you can have it good even in your marital bed, because you can have sex with that same person for the rest of your life.   And we don’t know when our time ends on this earth, that Jesus wants us home. so embrace your marriage and embrace your sexual intimacy!!!   My heart is so full with my husband!


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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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