Family Update: May & June 2016


  • Logan participated in Dance Fest for the first time with his school and he did great.
  • Celebration of Mother’s Day here at our house with the in-laws and Ash & Mason and the other one at Spring Stone with my family & SO’s and Cesare
  • Soccer season started May 11. Boys are on separate teams and divisions this year. Austin is still with U6 but new coach and new color of orange. Plays Mon & Wed. Logan is with U8 now, new coach and maroon color.   Plays Tues & Wed.   So I’m on the field most of the week with the boys and Jackson! It’ll be going up to early-mid august
  • Hang out lunch date with Tammy and Tanya for Tanya’s birthday. We were at the airport where Tammy works.
  • Both L & A were in the school play with their classes for Pinocchio Jr. It was really cute.
  • my in-laws got married on May 20 and it was a fun night. I was MOH and Isaiah was BM.   Our boys were the ring bearers. So cute. Austin got to dance with me that night for the first time at weddings. It was actually their first wedding they’ve been in and attended to.       (We’ve gone to past weddings without them).   They did really well. Lasted until about 10:30
  • Jackson turned 3.  We had a family party for him. All Paw Patrol related gifts he got!  Spoiled boy!
  • Isaiah and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on May 27 and celebrated in a big way this year with a week trip in Cancun, Mexico. It was amazing!!!! Our most favorite trip away together!



  • Started potty training Jackson for good after we got back from Mexico. He only had a maybe 3 days of  pee accidents and since then has been peeing in the potty. Next to check off is the #2.  Hopefully, he will start doing that in the potty soon. Still has accidents for that.
  • Cesare got baptized just a couple days shy of turning 6 months old. It was a joy to see this occasion happen to him as a auntie. It was also the day after we had gotten back from Mexico so it was a busy weekend!
  • I took the boys to Kids First Day and we went to three separate places and it was fun. The boys made masks at the library, free adventures on wonderland fun and we had family swim.
  • We celebrated FD at Spring Stone.       Isaiah and I got to do some gun shooting fun with my dad, Alex, Amanda, Dylan and Sarah way out on the farm. Fun.       First time too. FD was belated with FIL later in the month with the birthdays.
  • Had birthday outing with the family at the London Club. Fun night.
  • attended Austin’s growing celebration on June 26. Can’t believe this boy is going into Grade 1 in September.
  • Boys had their last day of school on June 29. woot!
  • Celebrated my BD with my beautiful family and got my nails done too.   Boys surprised me with three dozen roses, aroma candle and hand printed flowers art craft.

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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