My Husband as a Father

Tomorrow is Father’s Day. I’ve known since I started dating my husband, Isaiah (boyfriend back in the day), that he would be the one to be the father of my kids over 15 years ago.   We had the dream of having kids young, early on in our marriage (2006). We chose kids over traveling and other things. He has a close relationship with his mom as she only had him.   He calls her weekly and once in a while, they have a date to see a movie or something else.

Anyway, my husband became a dad when I got pregnant with Noah in 2007 and even though Noah is not physically here today, Noah still made him a dad with his stillbirth in 2008.   My husband chose to have a tattoo on his arm to honor and remember him. This was done with love.   Isaiah embraced his fatherhood even more when we had our subsequent sons of Logan, Austin and Jackson (and another angel baby, Savannah).

I’ve watched my husband grow in his fatherhood journey. He’s grown more Christ-like. Isaiah encourages, supports and loves on our kids. He takes them out of the house to things. Even when the older were little, he had “daddy” days with them to give me breaks. He also disciplines and teaches them respect too.   In the church community, he did the babysitting room for a while.   Now he assists a leader with the Sunday school crowd.   He truly is superman.   Even with long hours at work, he still does family time and daddy time with the kids.

I really admire and respect my husband. He leads us in the home and outside of the home as a dad and as a husband. I love how invested he is in with our kids and with our marriage.   I love how he helps our older two in their academic area of their lives. I love that he shows support for them in that part. He enables them to want to be successful.  Even though I am home with the kids more than he is, he still is part of their lives when he is around. Isaiah is truly amazing!  Even though I may be more stricter than he is with our kids,  the boys still look up to him.  I know they love and care about him.   He’s affectionate with them too! My husband has a heart of Gold!  And I know that God, our Father is working in him to keep growing and maturing as he continues to parent our boys.

About jewellove30

Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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