A Catholic Moral Vision

This is what we talked about at the last mom’s group session a couple weeks ago. The symbolon dvd based on this session explained well. Very interesting.

The Christian morality is about following God’s plan to have a life of happiness. Our catholic virtues help us to be set free. God’s mandate for us is to love Jesus, love and serve everyone even if we disagree with them.

The moral law is to live well. Follow the light for our path. Freedom and virtues means to live with excellence. Our virtue is to do good. There are mortal and deadly sins. Mortal sin is not as deadly but still is a sin. It breaks friendship. It’s a grave matter. Our conscience is to do good and avoid evil. We are to follow God’s word and His teaching. Virtue means to live well in everything we do.   Freedom is about choice and achievement that include value and skills. Being a Christian means that everything we do has to be good. Our intentions, circumstances and Christ. Our happiness is found in Him.   The moral law comes from God, our Father. We are to give to God and others the best of us.  The key features to have a good path with Christ is to learn, apply, practice and have spirit to live well.

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