Deuteronomy 22

I’ve been reading along with Courtney over at Women Living Well in Deuteronomy.   This specific chapter of Deuteronomy (22) spoke out to me the most this week.   It’s basically saying that we are to be sexually pure both inside and outside of marriage. The world today makes it hard to do so.   Sex is EVERYWHERE!  

There is a verse in this chapter that says, “Purge evil out of our bodies, hearts and mind” (Deuteronomy 22:21).   I really like this and it’s a good one to remember as we live to follow Christ. We are supposed to keep everything pure and clean. In today’s Christian world, we are to live out of love. This means to love God and our neighbors. This will lead us to freedom in Christ.

God wants us to not to follow Satan. He is everywhere and will do anything to try us to sin. Sinning is bad especially sexually. Having sex prior to marriage and outside of it while still married. Sexual purity is very holy in marriage. We need to value it. God intends us to have sex, but only in marriage and only with your spouse. So in order for us to not to sin, we need to fear it and serve your life to the Lord, not to the world.  

We are all born sinners, but we can train to crucify Satan and it’s evil deeds as we live earth life. I’m a sinner myself. I’m not perfect. I honestly wasn’t a virgin before I was married. I have had sex with three guys (including my husband) prior to marriage. I’ve masturbated. I’ve looked at pornography. I’ve been the one done infidelity. But I am a work in a progress. I don’t fall into these temptations now. I want Christ. I want eternal life after I leave this world.   I now devote all my sexual desires only my husband and God.

I’ve repented to God of my sins, and he has washed me clean. He continues to help me work at being a better woman, wife, daughter, and mother. I want to be a godly example to my husband and my three boys. My marriage has grown stronger every day for the last three years (we’ve been married 10 years now) and I give all the glory to God. I chose to change myself and He has willingly answered my prayers to help me and I certainly can tell you that I feel that our sexual intimacy in our marriage has greatly improved. Christ is so much more worthy to you than Satan is. Don’t fall to sin, only you rise to Christ!

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Married since 2006, in love since 2001. Have three boys and two angel babies.
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