Mother & Son Respect: Part III

I’m back in continuing my thoughts on the current book on Mother & Son: The Respect Effect by Dr. Emerson Eggerichs.

Authority is about respecting your son’s desire to be strong, to lead and make decisions. Young men can be strong and overcome evil. We can say “I see you as strong, not only physically but also spiritually. I see you having the power to overcome the bad with your good. God’s truth is in you. The Lord be with you”. There is a verse from Proverbs 20:29: The glory of young men is their strength. Strength is glory. Another verse to share is from Ecclesiastes 9:16: wisdom is better than their strength. Boys have a right to have a different opinion is okay and respectful. We can respectfully state the reasons and we won’t change our minds as a mom. We can let him know how honorable he is before God when he leads as Christ leads. We are to tell them to show respect to everyone in their lives.

Insight is about respecting your son’s desire to analyze, solve and counsel. Emerson says that women are empathy-orientated where as men are solution-orientated. As moms, we need to act on Titus 2:6 which is that we are to stress our young men to be sensible.   When boys are wise and insightful, we are to verbally honor them. Men are praised according to insight. We as moms have to be firm but friendly at the same time. We are training our sons to be the godly men that our Lord wants them to be.

Stay tuned for more notes on this book….

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